We awarded two $1000 Vocational Scholarships at Cerritos College this morning.  


Our 20's scholarship went to Erin bull and the 30's scholarship went to Anna Leonard.  

I presented those two scholarships with only a short brief to read.

Later, at our weekly meeting, Dr. Mike gave me a packet containing the two applications.  I read them over and was duly impressed.

Anna is a thirty-nine year old 2nd year nursing student who re-entered school in the Fall of 2010.  She has earned a 3.7 GPA while working part time as a physical therapist assistant and raising her ten year old son.  She is Vice President of the Student Nurses Association, a CPR instructor, and is described as extremely dedicated to her patients and always willing to help others.  We have no doubt that Anna will be a wonderful asset to the nursing field.

Erin is a twenty-six year old who couldn't attend this morning due to just starting a new job as a dental hygienist.  She completed her last semester of the program in May with a GPA of 3.7.  She re-entered school in the Fall of 2011 after graduating from the University of San Francisco, volunteering, and job-shadowing physical therapists, nurses, optometrists, radiology technologists, dermatologists, and more.  She finally volunteered at a dentist's office where she met her perfect career fit.  No doubt the Dental Hygiene Association has a new winner.

Great job commitee members!