Our St. Paddy's Day Celebration - Featuring:
Decorations By Didi
Green Man By David
Speakers: Miss Sue Nicolette, Chrystal, Vince, & Samuel
Photos By  Dorothy & Our DG: Linton Morgan



This week we had a visit from the Leprechaun(aka Dave Davis) today.
He got us started with some Irish Dancing and by throwing some
green(magic?) candies around the room.  Then we played a dart game
for a gift card to Hambones Restaurant.
Joe Vasquez started off with a bullseye that pretty much sealed the deal.

One of our student speakers won the consolation prize of "Lucky Charms." 

We were honored to have Linton Morgan visit us.  He helped with pictures.
Not sure what all the complaining about AG's at PETS was about...or is 
Linton just that special(I think the latter).  

Sue Nicolitte lead today's presentation- "Civic Initiative" assisted by
seniors:  Chrystal, Samuel, and Vince.  They have been inspired by

Cristina Garcia - California State Assembly's
Program..."Democracy In Action".

California has joined the P21 Partnership and with the "Common Core"
Tool Kit is moving forward into the 21st century of teaching and learning.  

Bellflower High School has applied and been accepted as one of twelve 
"Civic Democracy Schools".   This is a great honor, showing our educators
willingness to open mindedly take this leap of commitment to themselves
and their students.  This is partly made possible by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr.

Foundations generous commitments.

Listen more in this weeks recordings on this site.


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” 
― Robert Bryne