We are lucky to have Mike Lundgren in charge of speakers this month.
Today we have Bellflower's 1998 California Teacher of the Year - Lin Thompson.



Today is Pin Day.  Members showed off their many collected and traded pins.

The "Every 15 Minutes" Program will take the place of our March 20th 
meeting.  We will have lunch at Mayfair High School.  I need to know
how many of you will be there and how many will be at the assembly
the next day.  I can't imagine anyone not wanting to be with our joint
Communities both days.

Today we are lucky to have Lin Thompson, a 28 year teacher from Bellflower
High School speak to us about "What's Real."

He started out with some pictures of sidewalk 3D art.  Then we were 
embarrassed further with a flat night time map of the World.

To get more of this great talk you had to be there.  I have included a 
audio in the weekly meeting section for you to download.  I suggest you
do that.  It will not be a waste of your time.  If you find it is, you know
where I live....Ha,Ha,Ha.

Anyway, Just Come To Meetings.  I want to see those of you I have never meet
and keep getting great speakers.

Thank You,