Our speaker today was Ron Taylor, Superintendent of Valley Christian Schools.


Bob & Inge Frohn have been married five years this month.
Ten times that many years he said for the club.

The Induction Gala for the Rotary Club of Compton was a huge success.
Thank all of you that supported, and I hope continue to support our 
new Area Rotary Club (meets Wed).

Ron Taylor, Superintendent of Valley Christian Schools spoke to us 
today.  He and his wife Kathy have moved back here from Seattle, WA.
to lead the Valley Christian School System.
He is working on his dissertation on "Narcissistic Leadership."
We may hear about that at another time.  Today he explained the 
importance of "Artistic Beauty" in education.  Many schools have 
moved away from that notion as having an equal footing with
"Academic Excellence" in education.  
I found that term lingering and thought provoking. 
Let's get our High School Arts Contests Going Again!