This weeks meeting featured Cerritos College's 
Professor Sue Parsons and Coordinator of
Community Relations - Public Affairs Toni Grijalva
​speaking on the Teacher TRAC Program.



Professor Parsons enlightened us on some of the aspects
of this wonderful program that fits right in with our
Vocational Scholarship Grant Programs.

Teacher TRAC — In partnership with CSULB, 
Cerritos College’s Teacher TRAC program gives future 
teachers an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s 
degree and multiple subjects credential in four years. The 
program offers many services, programs, and pathways 
for students interested in teaching. To date, nearly 400 
students have graduated from the program. 
Its Career Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Pathways 
Program, which addresses the statewide need for CTE 
teachers at the secondary and community college level, 
provides CTE teacher preparation in automotive, early 
childhood education, welding and woodworking. The 
program’s partnerships include the University of La Verne, 
ABC Unified School District, Downey Unified ROP, and 
Head Start State Preschool, Norwalk/La Mirada School 
District, CSULB, CSULA, Southeast ROP and the Southland 
Motor Car Dealers Association.
In 2010 Teacher TRAC launched the Cerritos College 
Urban Teacher Fellowship which provides streamlined 
services and pathways for youth at risk for gang influence 
interested in teaching K-12.

Teacher TRAC Experience, Learn, Teach

She gave Dr. Mike a solid brass apple representing
her respect and gratitude to him.