This week we had Jeff Westrup bringing some of his best
representatives from Valley Christian School.  



Jeff brought Nichole, Chandler, Cole, Kendra, and Nathan
from Valley Christian High School.  They are from Interact
and also represent the 37 Kids in the Sweet Intersection
Program.  They ran our meeting today.  
They started by fining Jim Murrin $20 for not having an
age appropriate joke ready to go for us today.  That didn't 
slow them down, they had a couple ready to go.
‚ÄčThen they spoke to us about the many local and
international projects they are and have been working on.
Didi had some great decorations.  The kids had fun eating
fried crickets and meal worms while taking selfies. 


Don't forget next weeks great speakers.

Also come to the Los Mochas Dinner next Thursday at
6:30 PM.