Our speaker today is Dwayne Moore.  Dwayne is 
Supervisor of Christian Outreach Action Center
in Long Beach.



We were visited by our Senior Assistant Governor, Jerry Brown
today.  We also have our Member Designees: Linda Nesst and
Didi Davis.  Other guests included Jean Michael, our speaker - 
Dwayne Moore, Gerri Hardy, and First Choice Bank VP/Branch
Manager - Isela Buenabad.

Nicko Anagnostou and Jon Matson celebrate their birthday this
Month.  Doug and Shu-Chi have been married 44 years.
Sergeant-Arms - Steve Litzinger pointed out the partial missing
leg coverings on the shorts warn by Dave Davis, Dave Romberg,
and Bob Frohn.  So that brought in six $5 per. fines for the club.

Dwayne related his story of a life from a good home with loving 
parents that he came from and still made choices that left him
in the streets and in jail.  He told us of the many times he did 
what others wanted because "he was tired."  He just needed a 
break, but knew he would be right on the street again.  He was
always part of a church, as he was a drummer from age twelve.
The last thing he tried was COA.  Now he serves meals and cares
for people just like him.  He says he has learned to have a tough
skin and a soft heart. 

The way he tells his story is like none I have heard before.  If you
weren't at meeting, I suggest you download the recording I have
place on the web page for you.  It's the other side of the street.