This week we will have a talk and demonstration from

Duncan YO-YO West Coast Representatives.


e had a special guest stop buy and speak to us on the 
importance of voting for Measure C to help El Camino
College Compton Center.  Dr. Phillip Humphreys is Dean
of Student Services at El Camino College.  

Giovanni brought Robin Snow to talk to us about how we
could have a hands on Face to Face Christmas Giving 
experience this year.  Hollywood Sports Park is asking us 
to participate this year in their food giving program.  We 
will help them bag and distribute the food with their Santa.
Dose that not sound like Christmas?

Ambri-Jena Bizek, Duncan YO-YO's West Coast Representative,
told us many interesting things about the YO-YO while Alex 
showed us some of his many accomplished moves with several
different YO-YO's.  It was interesting to learn that the core has
been supported by ball bearings for the last fifteen years.