Our Speaker to day is Craig MacDonald.

 Craig has gone over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a
covered wagon, shot the rapids of the American River, and
 been keynote speaker at national conventions and universities.

Today he told us about "Yosemite's Unknown Heroine."


Pulitzer Prize nominee Craig MacDonald, will reveal 
the amazing story of Jessie Benton Fremont, who
with her friends helped save the Yosemite Valley and
what became the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias,
years before John Muir had ever heard of Yosemite. 
If they hadn't done this, we might not have had a
Yosemite to visit today.

This was the first time that the Federal government
ever saved scenic lands for future generations, and
it led to the environmental and State and National
Park movements. Yet Jessie has never gotten due 
recognition until now. Hear what is being done in
Congress and elsewhere to recognize this incredible
woman, who was the daughter of United States Senator
Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri. Her husband was
explorer John C. Fremont.

Mr. MacDonald hopes that Congresswoman Maxine
Waters will support H.R. 1192, which would rename a
Yosemite mountain peak after Jesse Benton Fremont, 
Yosemite's unsung hero. In 1864, during the Civil War,
President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation that she
championed to protect Yosemite and the giant sequoias.