This weeks speaker was Pat Coleman.


Pat was from Bellflower...He now lives in Zambia, Africa. 
He spoke on Polio Plus and noted that it is back in Kenya 
& Somalia.  Remember that it is a boarding pass away.
He couldn't believe that "The Friendly City" made us take
down our signs at the entrances.  He said, "They need to 
go back up!" 

Ray Dutton brought A Sister City Super Bowl $100.00 
per square sheet and several of us bought the remaining 

Worlds Greatest Meal is The 23rd of February(Rotaries Birthday).
Have a meal with no food.  Have an auction and donate to
Rotary for Polio Plus.  Every dollar will be three.

Jeff Zwiep fined $50.00 for birthday and $10.00 for not
attending meeting.  Dave Davis fined $10.00 for phone
recording use.

BRAVO Awards are at 11:00 next Thursday at city hall.
We are DARK.  

Please all show up in your Bellflower Rotary Garb(if you have it)
to our shoe event Saturday morning.