Kit Wilke spoke to us about the homeless problem.
We also exchanged some Club Properties !?!
Who said Bellflower can't be more than "Friendly" ?!?



Jean Michael spoke up from the peanut gallery admonishing
me for applying too much needlepoint to my shirt today.
That cost me $20 bucks.  Niko and Becky have been married
for fifty-one years, so he happily paid $51.  Pravin came in 
late to the tune of $20 bucks.  I have to say it's hard for me
to hit those that come at any time to see our smillin' faces.

Kit Wilke spoke to us about the homeless problems that face
us all.  He related the facts that he is aware of, with an
emphasis on the Long Beach area.  It is shocking to most 
that it costs us more to have people homeless than it would
to house and care for them.  Long Beach Memorial alone
looses One Million Dollars a year in their Emergency Room!
Care would include cleanup and shelter for some,
rehabilitation and shelter for others, and long term care
and shelter for the rest of those who will accept aid.  
No long term problem has simple solutions.  Kit and others 

like him are exploring viable options... We should also!

Tuesday's Noon Meeting at the Paramount Club should be fun!!!

C U Saturday morning at Kmart.  7 AM =>>>