City Manager - Jeff Stewart spoke to us today about some
of the outstanding‚Äč changes coming to Bellflower.


We started off fining Connie Hui $10 for her bright fashion
cloths/shoes outfit (putting down Dave's Tommy Bahamas
& Aces).  Then I was told later, several too light fines: 
Bill Zastrow and Steve Litzinger $10 each for no name
badges and Doug Easer $10 for coming in late.  Hey, at
least he came by to say Hi!

We were reminded about our Back-to-School shopping
event at Kmart September 13th at 7 AM.  PLEASE
Rotarians and Spouses COME OUT and support these
Bellflower kids!!!
Later that day the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce is
having it's 1st Annual "Salute Our Heroes" Event at the
Plaza on Belmont Street from 1-7 PM.
Everyone was asked to pick up some brochures and 
spread the word to promote Our 22nd Annual Golf
Tournament.  We would like our neighboring clubs
to realize the importance of these fundraisers as we
do theirs.  I want to get this back-n-forth going again
as we are all the core that gets so many needy projects

Jeff Stewart spoke to us about so many good things
happening in Bellflower.  We were lucky to have him to 
come to our fair city.

We have just voted to Co-sponsor the Compton Club
to be re-chartered into R.I.

Remember, "A Rotary Heart" and 1.2 million members
to lend a hand or an ear.