Today our speaker was Todd Leatheuser representing:



Last week we got fined again for not shaking Jim's hand when we came in.
Pravin got fined for his Anniversary and Birthday.  Doug Wilson got fined
for his Birthday at Shelia Murrin's Birthday Party.  I haven't seen the pictures,
but believe be me it was a great surprise for her.

This year all of our six $1000 dollar Scholarship Recipients happened to be attendees
of Mayfair High School.
Last week four of those were at our meeting.
Carissa Cherpes is a Girl Scout Gold Award Winne
r, and started a foundation where she
​raised $7000 with Royale Health Care in Santa Ana.  She will attend The University of 
Denver, major in English, and Master in Library Science.
Ryan Farquhar has volunteered 250 hours in the Key Club and has the second highest
grade point average in his class.  He will be attending UCLA with a Biology major.
Eileen Tovar Volunteers with many organizations like Leo Club, Caring Connections, and
Our Back-To-School Clothing Event.  She will be attending UC Riverside studying 
Environmental Science.
Lindsay Cudd volunteers with organizations like the Key Club.  
She will be attending Arizona State University studying biology and psychology
to get into nursing as a RN or PA.
We also had Juan Ramirez from Cerritos College Associated Students and the
iFalcon Club speak to us.  He plans to transfer to UC Davis.

Ken Hall drew the orange ball.

This week The Rotarian of The Year paid a last official visit to our club.
We all raised our champagne glasses and had a bitter-sweet lemonade
toast to A.G. Linton Morgan who we will most certainly miss!
I know he will be back.
It is said that a `Hero' is defined as `Selfless'.  I know Linton is that.


Our other two Scholarship Recipients were present today.
Kirsten Miller is a swimmer so she volunteered with the local chapter of
"Swim Across America" to give money to Long Beach Memorial Hospital.
She will attend Cal State Long Beach to study biomedical engineering.
Kenneth Phin in an Eagle Scout and wrestler who challenges men 34 lbs.
above his weight class.  He will attend Cal State Long Beach as a premed
student with a Chemistry Major.  He would like to become a Pediatric

Todd Leutheuser spoke to us about the Joint Educational Program on
the Cerritos College Campus.  The Southland Motor Car Dealers Association
and Northwood University built a facility where students can earn a Bachelor's 
Degree in there own time(average age is 35).  They can earn their Degree in

Automotive Marketing & Management or Business Administration.