Our Speaker this week was Alexandra Torres from The WINTER Group


We gave a big thank you to Connie, Jim & Sheila, Joe & Rose,
and Doug Wilson for representing our club at District Conference.
It's a lot of work the Club Banner and board, picking up strawberries,
keeping them cool, and setting them up.  
Thanks Again for all your hard work.  
I bet you squeezed a little fun in there.

We were lucky enough to have "The Rotarian of The Year"
with us today.

Yes, Linton Morgan is just that, one in 2600.
​What a well deserving recipient he is. 
It has been a genuine pleasure to have him as our AG this past year.

Ken and Caroline Hall are celebrating their 48 year Wedding Anniversary.

We got a nice thank you note from Becky Anagnostou for the flowers. 

Alexandra Torres from "The WINTER Group" spoke to us today.
Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles, Inc. (WINTER) is a
non-profit economic development agency and a national leader in
diversity workforce development and education. WINTER is the only
non-traditional employment organization for women and youth serving
Southern California since 1996.


Adult Programs and Services

WINTER provides women and youth from challenged background with basic
academic development, and high skills training that equip them for entering
a non traditional and rewarding career path leading to high demand
professions. Our training programs build on the existing strengths of each
participant, enabling them to significantly increase their earning capacity,
and relieve critical labor shortages in our communities.

Our programs spark in our participants a lifelong love of learning, setting
priceless and positive examples for their children and their community.
Our programs include:

Rosie the Riveter Youth Program

Mission Statement

Rosie the Riveter Youth Program helps “at-risk” (“at-promise”) students
who have not succeeded in traditional public schools turn their lives around
and become socially successful while achieving academic levels necessary
for high school graduation and success in registered apprenticeships in the
construction and building trades. We are committed to community
transformation through education, life skills training, employment training,
violence prevention strategies, and family advocacy.

Establish in September 2007, Rosie the Riveter Youth Programs champions
the spirit of progressive education; by providing a rigorous, standards-based
secondary education and the opportunity to experience the world around us.

In addition to core academic classes, we provide a rich elective and innovating
program that offer our students a chance to explore the opportunities that
community colleges offer such as culinary arts and auto repair. In addition
students interested in construction and  public utilities industry will be able
to explore these career opportunities. Our students can “test drive a career”
so to speak, and learn about the skills and earning potential these careers
offered.  We offer;

Small Class Sizes — all classes are capped at 20 students

Tuition Free Concurrent Enrollment in RRCHS and Community Colleges to
obtain college transfer credits

Complete High School or GED from YouthBuild Charter School of Califonia

Receive job training on construction and building trades

Receive monetary academic and on-the-job training stipends

Receive free tutoring and one-on-one academic support

Receive violence prevention, mental health and life coping skills classes
and services 

Job training, tutoring, counseling and retention services are provided by
professionals and outside organizations that have partnered with our
school program to provide valuable enrichment opportunities at no cost
through weekly classes in the course schedule.

Rosie the Riveter Youth Program is a four year program.

The girls will help with our projects and welcome donations.