Nora MacLellan from the Westchester Club was our
speaker today.  The subject
was "Vision To Learn."


Our "We Welcome You To Rotary" Song left a lot to be desired today. 
It seems that eight of us didn't think that included wheelchair members.
Well...Jim was takin' names and assessing fines.  Eighty bucks levied.
Our great pianist, Kris paid a life is good fine.  Her oldest daughter just
graduated from collage and her biopsy came back clear, her son is 
getting married, and her youngest daughter is in Africa for two weeks.

Nora MacLellan spoke to us on the "Vision To Learn" project.  This 
organization was started in 2012.  It provides free mobile eye exams
and glasses to title one schools (300+ to date).  A title one school
has over 50% of it's kids on The Meal Program (Breakfast, Lunch, and
a Snack).  
Since 80% of learning in the first twelve years is visual,
this service is invaluable.  Download & listen to the meeting recording
I provide for you.  If you are a kid 
that can't see a blade of grass or
the big "E" on the eye chart and 
you are plodding along not
understanding why you don't learn like 
your friends, this just might
be life changing to you. 

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