Our speaker today was Dr. W. Howard Davis.
We couldn't help but show him some of his work?!?!


We had guests Frank Searey and Caroline Hall at meeting today.

Bellflower Kiwanis Silent Auction is Friday May 2nd at 6 pm.
Contact Ray Dunton to support our friends.

Jim will be adding $50 to this quarter's dues to cover lack of fines
collected and Demotion/Installation Dinner Expenses.

Dr. W. Howard gave us a very interesting talk on some of his past 
in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery field.  We learned of the 
benefits implants have in growing bone.  There were also some
jaw movements that had dramatic effects on patients bites and

Thanks to Didi and Caroline, the members gave Howard a start when
he turned to face them and start his talk.  Those false teeth must
have knocked him off his game.
Oh Well, He got back on track and all was ok in the end.

Let's all come out next week to support our RYLA Kids back from camp.
Exciting for us and the two Sophomore Girls that We sent.