Today Mike Lundgren brought in three enlightened students that we sent to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly).  What a joy and honor it is to be able to do this for our young and hopefully future leaders.  We heard from Alfredo (Freddie) Molina,
then Itzel garcia, 
and finally Isamar Fletes.
All great kids moved out of their comfort zones with some new formed skills.  They all brought back with them the RYLA four C's: Cooperation, Creativity, Communication, and Compassion.  Like all the other kids we have sent before them, never have they experienced anything like the RYLA.  They can't wait to try new found tools and experiences in their world.
*After meeting today the Board meet to consider two new members that I proposed.  Those being: Linda Nesst and Didi Davis.  Both were approved and await the Club's approval May 21, 2015.