"GOOD MORNING KMART SHOPPERS!!!"  Saturday, September 13th began at 7AM at the Bellflower KMart Store on Rosecrans.  Bellflower Rotary members and spouses(Chicks) in full force with Caring Connections proceeded to organize and match up (55) kids with adults to shop for school clothes.  This annual event grows and grows.  It was like something out of a 'Reality Show' where everyone has a basket and is running for the best bargains to load up their carts.  Men who never shop for their own kids, or for themselves were helping kids of all ages select shoes, clothes and underwear.  It was great fun, and very rewarding.  There were so many kids, that Caring Connections also brought reinforcements in the form of kids from Americorp.  These kids really know how to shop, and did a great job making every dollar count for the younger kids. 

KMart provided donuts and juice/coffe for those that needed a break after they finished all that tedious shopping and buying.  And, the personnel were curteous and helpful throughout the morning.  Without their cooperation, we could never be able to speed shop through the store before it opens. 
Everyone felt it was a "Great" morning when the kids and their Moms gave you a hug and said "Thank You, this means a lot to us"..........you knew that with the happy smiles on the kid's faces as they rolled their "High School Musical" gotta have it, backpack out the door.  What a way to start the day!  Thanks to all our members for being there.