Our scholarship committee has chosen the following high school students for a $1000 scholarship:  

Eunice Lee                                                            UCLA

                                                                              Major: political science and economics                              

                                                                              Mayfair High School

        Nominated by club for Zentner district scholarship


Jessica Uy                                                             UC San Diego

                                                                              Major:  chemical engineering

                                                                              Bellflower High School


Patricia Sanchez                                                    UCLA

                                                                              Major:  biological sciences

                                                                              Bellflower High School


Christene Faderan                                                 UC San Diego

                                                                              Major:  microbiology

                                                                              Bellflower High School


Kaylin Franklin                                                       Cal State Long Beach

       Major:  broadcast journalism and communications

       Valley Christian High School

       Miss Bellflower Teen 2010-2011, has been at many club events


Alexandria Arenas                                                  UCLA

                                                                              Major:  psychobiology

                                                                              Mayfair High School

The students will be present at our June 6 or June 13 meetings to receive their scholarships.