The Rotary meeting of September 11, 2008, was filled with interesting and exciting events, and guests.  A full house greeted guest speaker, John Mirassou of the Redondo Beach Rotary Club, as he gave an overview of his book "Only in America" about his adventures and misadventures with friends on a 17-foot Whaler (boat) for 6,100 miles in the waterways of America without actually being in the Ocean.  When asked what he would say if one of his sons decided to do something so daring, what would he say, "Can I go too!" John stayed and autographed his book for those purchasing, and noted that part of the sale of the books go to RI international, and to other worthwhile projects.


Also, James Watson, Director of Komputers 4 R Kids, a State Licensed Collector of e-waste and a 501 c(3) public charity in Cerritos, provided everyone information on how to dispose of computers, Fax machines, radios, stereos, TV, copiers, DVD players, etc.  The Friends of Komputers 4 R Kids, recycle e-waste for those in need.  For more details you can go to:
And the highlight of this action packed meeting were the very special guests, Ron Schnablegger, and George & Ann Franzen from Bellflower Kiwanis.  George and Ron were at the meeting to bargain for the Kiwanis Banner that they felt may have been taken by mistake by Bellflower Rotary at a previous event.  Ron said he was authorized to make a donation to Rotary on behalf of the Bellflower Kiwanis.  President Jim Murrin asked Ron, if he did have such Banners, what were they willing to offer for their return.  Ron said, "$100.00".  And, Jim said he had paid the Kiwanis' "$250.00" for the return of the Bellflower Rotary Banner.  Ron said he was authorized to reimburse him for his expenses.  Everyone had a good laugh, and George and Ron reimbursed Jim the $250.00, and took the (2) Banners with them.