Our District Governor Elsa Gillham, Her Chief of Staff
Melody St. John, 
and Our Assistant Governor 
Jerry Brown were our guests today.


We started off with "Happy" Fines.  First up was Jon Matson -
$50 for his 26 great years with Jaci.  Then we had Jim Murrin -
​$32 for 32 wonderful years with Sheila.  We hadn't been graced
with Dr. Roger Rabanera's presence at meetings for a while, so
we honored his 44 years with Cindy and 74th Birthday at once.
A hundred bucks did the trick!  Finally we saw Mr. Pravin Pranav
​cruising the boulevard in his new Silver Lexis.  That was worth

A Rotarian since 1998, Elsa Gillham a member and Past President
of The Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles is our District Governor
this year and our speaker today.  A Rotary Foundation alumnus,
she served as the team leader of the Group Study Exchange to 
the Philippine
s in 2006-2007. The same year serving on the Special
Projects Committee, she was instrumental in helping charter the
Rotary Club of Historic
Filipinotown. She has donned many hats in
the District. She served as Assistant Governor, Senior Assistant
Governor for International Service, Dominican Republic District
Humanitarian Trip Chair, District Conference chair, and District
Breakfast chair. She was Rotarian of the Year in 2006-2007.  

A warm & caring woman, born in the Philippines, she migrated
to the US at the age of 20.  
Elsa’s passion is travel.  She has
visited more than 70 countries and just attended her 13th 

Rotary International Convention in Sydney, Australia with her
husband Larry.  WOW!!!  She loves
the theater, music,
dancing, martinis, & just having fun.
Elsa presented Certificates to:  Our Longest Rotarian - 
Dr. W. Howard Davis(57yrs.), Our Club member who was 
most active in Club and District events in the last 12 months -
 Joe Vasquez, and Our Club Member who made the largest 
contribution to The Rotary Foundation during the last 12 
months - Doug Easer. 
We presented her with a check in the amount of $500.00
made out to The Rotary Foundation in her name.

We finished off with the famous "Happy Clap."

***Please get me seat names for "The Foundation Dinner!"