What a GREAT turnout we had.  District Governor Doug Baker lead incoming Governor,
Past Governors, Assistant Governors, District Rotarian Of The Year, and many other
Honorable Rotarians.  Mayor Sonny Santa Inez, Council Members, Chamber of
Commerce Members, School Board Members, Miss Bellflower Promoters, Lions & Kiwanis
Club Members, friends & family.  WOW, what an amazing group of people.  









A perfect location on the tip of Naples Peninsula on Alamitos Bay.
The cool ocean breezes made social hour's food, drink, and friends heavenly.

Then the explosion of Polynesian Dancers taking us through the different island culture dances.

Steve Litzinger interviewed Jean Michael who was playing the part of Jean Seruntine.  
They were hilarious.  Jean M. Mentioned at least a dozen times how she liked to sing
and what a wonderful voice she had.  She belted out...Eck something(not music) a
couple of times.  Then she told us she spoke Spanish.  We found out...not fluently.  So funny!


Jean Seruntine, Connie Hui, Carolyn Hall, Doug Wilson, and Valarie Frost from
Lakewood Rotary entertained us all when called up by the Hula Dancers.  


Doug Wilson royally roasted Jean.  We know a lot more about her now.  
Maybe more than we might want to.  "You Did What?, Oh My GOSH!"  
He went on and on.  We were absolutely in stitches laughing so hard.  
Thanks Doug for being you.  Brash, Funny, Loveable, Adorable, You!

Joe with eloquent words of appreciation for Linton Morgan and jean.

Doug Easer, the glue that held everything together.  Great Job!

Jean received many accolades and proclamations on her awesome
service from Mayor Sonny Santa Inez, Jerry Cleveland from the
School Board, Don Knabe's Office, and many more.  
You must feel loved Jean!

Then Doug Baker installed the 2014-15 Officers.  He was still wiping
the fog off his glasses.  Note that he never has to wipe the fog off
his quick and witty brain.  Thanks Doug!!!


In coming President Dave Davis took mercy on us all by giving a brief but
inspiring speech.  His red nose was just right to keep it fun.  Dave's Way.

Many Thanks to Dorothy, Caroline, Connie, Didi, Howard, Roseangela, and
Joe for the many hours and hard work helping set up and take down.  
We could not have done it without you.