Bellflower Rotarians Choose Winner        


Bellflower Rotary held it's Annual Art Contest on January 31, 2008. Jeanette Johnson and Jon Matson were in charge of the contest which included 9 submissions. Rotarians voted for their favorite submission. After all of the votes were cast and counted, the winner was chosen. Franchesca Stribling, a 12th grader at Mayfair High School was Rotarians choice. Her picture was titled Girl Draped in Flag which she completed in 2007 using watercolor, gesso. It was a 7.5 x 10 inch picture. In her words:

 "In my painting, the patriotic idea of freedom, liberty, & individual rights for women is expressed in the pensive expression of the Indian girl, draped in an American flag. The aged and 'weathered' look and mood to the piece is symbolic of the long struggle women suffered, and some still fight against, to achieve their complete equal among men." 

Congratulations, Franchesca!