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District 5280
District Grant Guide
District Community Grant and District Grant: The allocation of District Grant funds (District Designated Funds (DDF) apportioned to fund all District Grants), are at the discretion of the District Governor and the District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC). The District Grant Committee will review all District Grant applications and approved by the District Grant Committee Chair and the District Rotary Foundation Chair.
District Community Grants (DCG): are intended to support short-term humanitarian projects that benefit a local community and offer the Rotary Club an opportunity to have hands on non-Rotarian and, when possible, family participation.
District Grants (not a DCG): may also include Vocational Scholarships, which are scholarships that are not post graduate and may include accredited/certified trade schools and of shorter duration. Clubs may submit up to two applications but no more than one Vocational Scholarship per Rotary Club, may be awarded. (See District Vocational Scholarship application for more details)
Club Size Formula: Based on size (see below) all District Grants requires a cash contribution to the project. Please mail the contribution check the same date the online application is completed. The District Grant Committee will only review those applications from Rotary Clubs that have mailed their checks and the District office has received the same. All online applications and Rotary Club’s project contribution check must be postmarked on or before September 30. Please note ALL District Grant applications require a cash contribution per club size.  The District Grants’ contribution is NOT the same club size formula as those for the District Awards. The cash contribution amount (per club size as of July 1) formula is as follows:
* Large (50 or more members) $750.00
  * Medium (25-49 members) $500.00
  * Small (24 members or less) $250.00

Rotary Scholarships

District 5280 is responding to changes in the Rotary Foundation’s scholarship program and encourages your club to nominate a candidate for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarship.

Rotary Foundation programs are changing effective July 1, 2013. Changes affect all Rotary Foundation grants including the Ambassadorial Scholars Program, in which our district has participated for many years. The Ambassadorial Scholars Program has been discontinued, but the Rotary Foundation has developed a new scholarship program, Global Grant Scholarships.

District 5280 plans to participate in this new program and to award as many as four scholarships in 2013-2014, starting as early as fall 2013. The District Rotary Foundation Committee, chaired by Past District Governor David Moyers, has established a District Scholarship Committee (DSC) to recommend candidates for Global Grant Scholarships.

There are some important differences between Global Grant Scholarships and Ambassadorial Scholarships:

  • Study must be in one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus.
  • Scholarships are for graduate study only.
  • Minimum scholarship amount is $30,000: $15,000 from DDF matched 1:1 by the World Fund.
Other requirements are the same, for example:
  • Scholarship recipients must study in a Rotary district in a foreign country.
  • Scholarship recipients must be proficient in the language in which their classes will be taught.
  • Scholarship recipients must participate in a pre-departure orientation seminar.

*Please consult the Rotary Foundation website for complete information about the program.

In addition, District 5280 will require that successful candidates give talks to clubs, attend District Breakfasts, and attend a District Conference before and/or after their study year. The sponsoring club will be asked to cover the student’s expenses for these in-district events. Also, District 5280 will require that scholarship recipients conduct a humanitarian project in their host districts during their scholarship term.

The application process for Global Grant Scholarships is similar to the one for Ambassadorial Scholarships:
  • Candidates complete an application - see links on left (Word Application preferred)
  • Clubs interview candidates, submit applications to the District Office by June 21, 2013.
  • DSC reviews applications, selects candidates to interview, interviews candidates, and selects recipients.
  • DSC submits applications to the Rotary Foundation. Applicant must be accepted at study institution before application is submitted.
  • The Rotary Foundation makes final decision to award the scholarship.

District Grants Frequently Ask Questions 

What are the minimum qualifications to be a Primary club applicant for a District Community Grant (DCG) and District Grant?
Applicant/Primary and partnering club(s) must have (1) signed a TRF Club MOU with the District, (2) trained at least two members on the New Grant Module, (3) be current with (a) District and  RI dues, (b) District Grant reports, and (c) filed the club’s tax form 990 series.

Are there minimum qualifications to be a partner club?
Yes, same as a Primary club’s, as stated above.

Does a Primary club need to have its own charitable foundation?
No it does not.  However, the Primary club is required to have a separate bank account to administer the grant money. Its own charitable foundation gives a lead club the capacity to solicit and accept project contributions that require a 501(c)3 recipient.  Without a foundation, a lead club’s project funding is limited to its own resources and other contributors who don’t need tax deductibility.  Using another club’s or the District’s foundation is not permitted because a Primary club is required by its MOU to manage all project funds through its own project bank account.

Will a District Community Grant proposal from a Rotaract or Interact Club be accepted?
Not at this time, however, their proposals may be adopted by a District Rotary club.

Can any Rotarian in District 5280 submit a District Community Grant application?
No.  Only Rotarians who have been trained and signed the TRF District 5280 Club MOU on the new Grant Module are allowed access to the District Grants Module.
Who can submit a District Community Grant application?
Any Trained member can submit a DCG application; only Trained members will have access rights to EDIT the Grant application.  One application, per Primary Club, may be submitted.
Can regular (untrained) members view their Club’s District Community Grant application?
Yes, they can view their grant application. However, untrained members cannot edit the District Community Grant application and cannot view who is qualified in their club.
Do I have to submit an application form or any other paperwork as we’ve had to do in the past?
The application process is done exclusively online, so no other paperwork is required.  However, the Club’s project contribution check must be mailed to the District Office the same day as the application is submitted.  The formula to determine that amount is based on the club size, as of July 1.
What is the District 5280 club size formula?
Small club:  24 members or less must contribute at least $250.00.
Medium club:  25-49 members contribute at least $500.00.
Large club: 50 members or more must contribute at least $750.00.

For example, a medium size club that contributed at least $500 is eligible to receive a $2500 District Community Grant check.
Mail the contribution check to the District office on the same day you submit the online District Community Grant application.  
Please note, the above formula was created specifically for the District Community Grant application and has nothing to do with District Awards.

Where do I start the District Community Grant application process?
Trained members should Logon to the District 5280 website with your regular username/password combination.  From the Launchpad screen, click on ENTER in the NEW Grants Module box on the right side of the Launchpad screen.  You will land on the District Grants Dashboard screen.

How do I confirm that I am qualified to submit a District Community Grant application?
Submit your grant application by clicking on the Submit a Grant Request link.  Or you can search for your name in the Dashboard by clicking on the Qualified Clubs link Enter all information pertaining to your grant application in the Project Details section.

What are the necessary steps to complete an application?
There are nine (9) steps to complete a grant application:

1) Under Review
2) Awaiting Further Information
3) Approved
4) Rejected
5) Completed and Closed
6) Adjustment Requested
7) Funded / Awarded
8) Cancelled
9) Archived

Do I have to complete all nine steps?
Not necessarily.  Most District Community Grant applications will only go through step seven (7) and skip to step nine (9) when the project is complete.
Is there a deadline to submit District Community Grant applications?
Yes, the deadline is September 30 or whenever the limited number of District Community Grants  available have been approved; consequently, the deadline could be sooner than September 30.  Submit your application as soon as possible.
When will I hear from the District Community Grant Committee that my application has been accepted?
After you submit your application online, you will immediately be notified by email that “Your Grant Request has been received.”  Within a few days, you will receive an email indicating your grant application is Under Review and has been Approved, Rejected, or Cancelled by the District Grant Committee OR that the committee is Awaiting Further Information from you.  If you are notified the application has been Approved or is Awaiting Further Information, scroll down and list any partnering clubs within District 5280, and/or cooperating organizations, clubs, or other partners in this project.  Provide pertinent information for each category.
Send all project contribution checks for your club and all partnering clubs to the District Office the same day the online application is submitted.  Your District Community Grant application and the Rotary Club’s project contribution check must be postmarked on or before September 30.  If you fail to submit the project contribution check(s) the same day, your grant application will not proceed.

(NOTE: During the process, Approved only refers to your grant application.  It does not mean the application has been finalized and the District Community Grant awarded.)

How can I check the status of my grant application?
You can return to the Grants module at any time and check the status of your grant requests by clicking on My Club Grants. 

What are the six tabs in the Grants Module all about?
These are requests for additional information about your grant application.  Start with the Application tab and several categories will appear:   (a) Community Assessment and Impact, (b) Sustainability, (c) Cooperating Organizations, and (d) Implementation plan -- provide pertinent information for each category.
You will be notified by email if the District Grants Committee requires additional information.

How will the District notify me that my District Community Grant application has been finalized, and when will our club receive the final grant check?
You will be notified by email that your District Community Grant application has been funded/awarded (see step 7 above).  You will receive your club’s District Community Grant check at a regularly scheduled club meeting.  If the application includes partnering clubs, each club will receive a District Community Grant check, which will include their respective contribution

PDG David G. Moyers
Palos Verdes Sunset
Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC)

Lee Stacy
Burbank Sunrise
District Grant Committee Chair

Doug Wilson
Global Grant CommitteeChair

DGN D.J. Sun
Annual Giving/Fundraising Chair
DG Doug Baker PDG
Paul Harris Society Chair
Mark Ameli
Rancho Park
Peace Scholars Chair
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Burbank Sunrise
Polio Plus Chair
Robert Ryans
Scholars Chair
Freddi King
2013 Congress
Vocational Training
Team Chair
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Rotary Foundation
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