Posted by Wes Jamison on Jul 18, 2017
My message to you is an echo of the
Rotary International theme:
"Make a Difference".
Those who do charity work become involved for many reasons, some of them are personal.
My reason was wanting to make a difference locally - creating a healthier neighbourhood in Aldergrove and Langley for all those who are challenged to live day to day.
Our Starfish Backpack Program is a great way to "Make a Difference" Presently we Aldergrove Rotarians and associates feed 50 school-aged kids who are "at risk". At risk of going to school hungry or not going at all because they are too hungry or for other reasons.
Food is one of the basic human needs and if we can satisfy that here locally, we can help reduce the need for self preservation by other more nefarious means. Fed kids mean more concentration in school. They are less likely to drop out, less likely to make poor choices in order to satisfy their need to belong and less likely to become involved in crime. Fed kids are more likely to be productive members of an inclusive society.
Will our efforts be a panacea? No. But they will make a difference.
Our effort to make a difference is also world wide and Aldergrove Rotary, like many other Rotary clubs, has contributed significant resources and effort for better water supplies or smokeless stoves for peoples in other countries.
Also -  not to forget our global effort to eradicate polio which has now been substantially accomplished.
And we do it in a rewarding and often fun setting, with our members as a whole.
I challenge you to make a difference, join us in helping others. Aldergrove Rotary is looking for good people to make a difference.
Will you join us? Please do! You will be rewarded by the accomplishments we do together and you might just have some fun "Making a Difference"!