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This is a breakfast meeting; the charge is $15 at present.
Home Page Stories
The winning ticket for the Russian Jack Rotary 2022 Scholarship Gun Raffle was drawn at our annual Holiday party on December 20, 2022.  The winning ticket was #1251.   The winner was contacted at his home in Kodiak, and will attend our January 10, 2023, meeting to recieve the prize. Thanks should go to the entire club for everyone's hard work in selling tickets, and most particularly to Eliud Delgado who put together the prize package and arranged for the many opportunities we had to sell tickets this year.  The 2022 raffle was a great success in raising funds for future college scholarships.  

It was a rousing contest to see who was going to be the victor of the ultimate prize known as the "No Fine" Button.  That right Folks for the up coming weeks Gary get to tell any joke of his choosing and there is nothing we can do about it.  He can tell his stories.  He can talk of his Political view points, he can advertise his friends or family, he can even give our President Tom a extra helping of ribbing.  

Thank Gary for all that he does for our Club!  Perhaps next month you will find use for the Button of free speech.



Don is currently looking for someone to arrange speakers for August.  If you have not been assigned a month you might expect a call from Don or perhaps you might consider switching from your currently assigned month. We have always enjoyed top speakers so lets fill August.

Just stay a little longer on July 14th to help Tom Plan his year as Rotary President.  There will be a lot to talk about.  Should we do an International Project in Belize?  What community Service projects should we participate in?  How are our raffle tickets progressing?  

Be there!  

Belize is not just paradise for those that seek underwater adventure.  According to Mike Pollen of Fairbanks fame, it is also a prime location for an International water project that could further advance a budding civil society.  Its one thing to have and produce potable water but to ignore the value of proper disposal of waste water can in fact have more than harmful effect.  In Belize there is little resources to support their growing population.  Mike reported that Belize has built a number of quality schools but has neglected to provide sanitary restrooms.  The condition of most of the schools restrooms were so poor that by the time a young lady was to reach womanhood, they would quite going to school.  Last year Past President Pollen stated that his club built three different restroom buildings for three different schools.  He was able to do it by partnering with a local Belize Rotary group along with other clubs.  They took advantage of Rotary's International grants and built the restrooms for approx. $30,000. each.

Gear up Russian Jack Rotary!  Gary Gantz and President Tom Elton might look to hitch on with Mike Pollen and his Belize Sanitary Breeze.  


Thats Right!!! Tis the Season for Wreath Making!! On December 10th we will NOT be meeting at the Westmark in the Morning instead you can sleep in and gather for our meeting at 6:00 PM at Dimond Greenhouses- The growing place. 

 Join your fellow Rotarians in the Family fun action event of the year.  Watch Darryl Leiser as he skillfully creates his evergreen pieces of Christmas magic.  Or better yet laugh at your President who still struggles in manipulating #9  wire and boughs of branches around a steel hoop.  Bring your, spouse friends and Family.  This is an event not to be missed.  There will be Pizza, drinks, and a room full of cheer.  


Anchorage Russian Jack Rotary has always embraced the efforts of the non-profit known as NeighborWorks Anchorage.  We have had two past members serve as the President of their board of Directors, Charlie Michael’s wife Mary Jane was the Executive Director, and currently David Hudspeth serves of the board.   Our club was one of the first service organizations to sign up for the popular Paint the Town program where we assist a family in need of an exterior enhancement of their home. 


On Dec. 3rd David Hudspeth introduced our club to Hazel, John and Ginger who wanted to thank our club for our past efforts and explain in detail their mission and vision of providing affordable housing and strengthening neighborhoods.  The literature that was provided states “The Mission of Neighborworks Anchorage is to improve the quality of life for families and individuals by preserving homes, creating new housing opportunities and strengthening neighborhoods.  The challenges facing our families, neighborhoods and communities are ever increasing.  In these uncertain economic times, it is crucial to make housing opportunities available to everyone.  Success starts at home.  Good health, great education, stable employment; it all starts with a quality affordable place to live….home matters.” 


This years Neighborhood of focus is our very own Russian Jack community.  In their assessment phase, John reported that 89% of those interviewed liked living in the Russian Jack Neighborhood.  It is conveniently located, with good park space, friendly people.  However of those renting that were interviewed, most opposed the idea of buying a home in Russian Jack because of the crime. 


So come spring time dust off your painting clothes RJR members because I’m sure there is a home a waiting for a brush stroke or two.  

There will be no meeting on the Morning of Dec. 17th.  

Our meeting has been Moved Upstairs to the Penthouse on Dec. 19th.  Thats Right!! We are a Moving on Up!!  To the Deluxe Penthouse in the Sky!!!  Jefferson Style Baby!!!  On the evening of Dec. 19th come and enjoy Cocktails at 5:30 PM Dinner will be served----later---.  Bring that someone special to you and lets Celebrate!!!  Tis the Season for Christmas!  So bring you gift for the exchange and relax and enjoy the smooth sounds of  Dereck Delgado and Malie. 

Our Winter Yarn Project is an ongoing success!
 Many of you have brought skeins to our meetings and Don Rogers has delivered the goods to "THE KNITTERS" at the Senior Center.
 Don says "...keep 'em coming!" and that the yarn will be put to good use almost immediately.
 As a reminder, pick up a skein or two in your daily activities.  Fred Meyer has yarn, and probably Carr's also, so a different aisle while grocery shopping would do the deed.
 Don reports that one of the knitters purchased five raffle tickets and that another has promised to buy five when he returns with the next load.
 Also, if you've got a skein in-hand at the meeting, you have free rein to tell a yarn if you like.

Every year Rotary declares November as it’s month to raise awareness for our very own Rotary Foundation and the good works that it supports worldwide.  On Tuesday Morning November 26th Charlie Michael was all business in his presentation on our clubs participation with the foundation in the past and the possibilities for the future. 


Charlie reminded our membership that we are a 100% sustaining membership where each member of our club contributes a minimum of $100 per year.  As a result a very large % of our club are Paul Harris Fellows (Those that contribute $1,000.)  and there are several that  sport Paul Harris pins with multiple sapphires (Each sapphire representing one thousand dollars).


Charlie made a point that the foundation is there for a good number of reasons.  Polio Plus is so very close in eradicating Polio.  The Annual fund is there to help support our efforts in our projects.  If you have a good idea for a service project and can show the ability to see it through, perhaps we can obtain a grant to help support the endeavor.  With the assistance of an International grant we can go beyond our boarders and provide a sustainable difference for those in need. 

Hey Rotarians!   We sold all the raffle tix that we had with us at the Lumen Christi gun show.   Please bring money and unsold tix to the mtg Tues AM. We still need to go to Navy League, and a coupla other Rotary clubs before 19 Dec. Sales are super good ,but they can always be a bit better.     Best, Don R

At our Board meeting on November 21st Rick Dawson introduced an International Service project that he proposed to our International Director Tom Elton.  The project would be in assisting the deaf students at Escuela de Education in San Miguel de Allende. They are hoping to obtain funding for transportation of their student from rural communities to their one of a kind school.  Their school is the only hope these deaf children have in obtain an education.

The link to their school is

The request is coming from a fellow rotarian in San Miguel who would be coordinate with his club to ensure proper reporting and feed back.

The cost of bus transport for the children traveling from a community outside of San Miguel (approximately one hour 

Let it be known that on November 19th Hardy Johnson was inducted into the rights and privileges of membership with The Anchorage Russian Jack Rotary Club.  Sponsored by Harold Wilson and Introduce by Rosey Brown, President Mac Carey made it official by presenting Hardy with his membership packet and pinning him as a Rotarian.

Congratulations To Hardy Johnson!!!


Kim Colbo is so Dang Cool!!  For those that missed it Kim hosted our November Board Meeting at her Penthouse, swank Board Room.  She provided Pizza, soda and Im told there was fudge. In attendance was President Elect Jordan Eastman, Sergeant at Arms Harold Wilson, Secretary Kim Colbo, Past President Eluid Delgado, Community Service Director Rick Dawson, Club Service Director Anabel Galindo, Membership Chair Gary Gantz, Speaker Coordinator David Hudspeth, Past President Peter Land and New Member Hardy Johnson.

Our Future Service Projects were reviewed.  Our Scholarship funding was analyzed.  A promising International Project was formally introduced.  And it was just great to see Hardy!!!  Did I mention that Anabel made it----Cool!! 

Currently Robin is serving as the Executive Director of the Alaska Home Builders Association.  On November 19th she reported to our membership of the importance of having a strong builders association.  Repeatedly she mentioned that she has worked in the Shelter industry: “Shelter” being one of the very basic needs for humanity.  The focus of Robins talk was that the Alaska Home Builders Association is on the forefront of assuring Alaskan’s of proper shelter from Alaska’s harsh climates.


The threats to our ability to obtain quality shelter are many.  There are compliance issues with the quality of contractors that build our homes.  The basics are to make  sure that you have a reputable qualified Contractor on your side. Check their insurance and license.   Robin states that there are Political encumbrances that go beyond equity building measures for homebuyers, mandatory sprinkler systems for an example.  The thirty Year Mortgage is even under review as well as the affordable measure of premium mortgage assistance.  As these threats arise, Robin points out that it is the lobbying efforts of the Alaskan Home Builders Association that has consistently been there to ensure Alaskan’s of Quality, Affordable Housing. 

Novemeber 11th Gloria brought us Alyeska Title who sent us three of their best representatives to give our membership a clinic in the Life and Times of the Title Insurance Industry.  Business Development coordinator Kelly was their lead off presenter who covered the basics of the operations of a Title Company.  She explained that her industry assists their cliental with perfecting the paperwork that allows them to realize the American dream of owning a home and other property.  Kelly explained that her office is charged with coordinating the formal documents, establish the correct transaction financials and to establish the formal agreements beyond a casual handshake.


Next up was Samm Eldrum who explained what Title Insurance is.  Unlike Home, car or other traditional Insurance policies that protect consumers of future events, Titlle Insurance protects you from the past.  The idea is to be able to show the chain of warranty deeds to a property, to ensure the buyer that the property is as presented by seller: to expose all liens and encumbrances to a piece of property.  Commonly title insurance is a Bank requirement for those that take out a loan on property.  A Bank is looking for assurances that they will be in first position on any property they holding as collateral. 


Ti’anna Branchner closed out the presentation by explaining how Title insurance affects our National economy.  Tianna stated that Title Insurance Industry returns back to our economy a little over one hundred million dollars each year.  This financial gain is accomplished by clearing the different liens and encumbrances attached to the properties that they work on.  Examples of these liens would be for back taxes, IRS liens, child support, and other judgments that can be attached to the property as a lien.   


Every Now and then you just need to change things up a bit.  This week we are going over to check out the pancakes over at the hilton.  Do they really make the best pancakes in town??  Lets go and find out.  Nov. 5th we will be meeting at the Hilton cafe.  It could be interesting!!!

Rotaract of Anchorage is alive and well with Ann Marie at the helm.  As a past Ambassadorial  Scholar of Rotary, Ann Marie returned to Anchorage with an International Rotary resume that marked her positive impact in the world.   With a desire to expand on her experiences she joined the Anchorage Rotarct club.  This was ideal for her and many young folk who are just starting the professionl phases of their lives.  A Rotaract club offers some flexibility and does not weigh heavy on the check-book. 

It was reported that the Anchorage Rotaract Club specializes on hands on projects.  They are often recruited to work on a number of different club projects where raw labor is a key to success.  They have cleaned creeks, cooked mass amounts of chili to feed the hungry.  They assisted in the mobile food pantry; cleaned roads painted homes and and and----

On Tuesday the 29th they were supporting the foundation.  They carved a multiple pumpkins and auctioning them off at different clubs.   Charlie Michael was the proud bidder at $50 to decorate his home with a ghoulish looking Jack O’Lantern.  Mac Carey was duped into his bid at $70 dollars for an Owl carved Pumpkin.  Good Fun.    

Fellow Russian Jackers,
 The Yarn Project is up and running.
 Please bring a skein or two of yarn to Tuesday's meeting.
 Don Rogers will gather the goods and get 'em to the knitters, who will fashion them into warm items for folk that could use them with great appreciation.
 File this idea to your memory banks as you go about your daily activities.
 Rick Dawson
529 2969

What a Good Time!!  

Thank you to all that made the The Thirty Anniversary of Anchorage Russian Jack Charter.  Cocktails were poured, jokes were told, songs were sung and dog-gone it--- it just isn't a party with out the Paramedics knocking at our door.  Don you know how to make an evening exciting.

I would like to say that the special moment of the evening came when our lone Charter member Charlie raised his glass in tribute to Bob Bowin and Jerry Harrington who founded our club, but the moment of the evening was witnessing Tish Hudspeth being pinned with a Paul Harris by her Brother Charlie.  Ahhh sweet.  

Thank you to Derrick and Maile for sharing their musical talents with us. I believe we will all be saying that we knew them when....

In the end--i just want to know who invited Owen???? 

Once known as the Anchorage convention and Visitors Bureau, Visit Anchorage believes that all that live in Anchorage is touched by the economic impact of Tourism.  At base we all enjoy the downtown flowers of summer.  World class restaurants full in the summer and easier for us locals to obtain a reservation in the winter.  Even the Alyeska resort that is full of tourist in warmer weather is our winter playground in the cold and snow.  


Anchorage has a bed tax of 12% to help maintain our city as a Tourism destination.  The Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center is well used and has acted as a catalyst to fill our restaurants, hotels and other industries that are enhanced due to tourism.   The Executive Director of Visit Anchorage Julie Saupe communicates that of the 20 million or so that comes from the bed tax  one third goes to the city, one third to Visit Anchorage (To market Anchorage) and one third to the Dena’ina Center.  

Tuesday Morning Barry White invested in our Clubs No fine button.  This will allow him and his pocket book to arrive at our club feeling safe and free from Harold's menacing fines.  He will be able to advertise his business endevors or any other causes he wishes to promote.  Please thank Barry for his contribution.

If you want a Good Life?  Marry a woman from Duluth!!
Vocational talks offer our club members a deeper understanding of each other.   How did we arrive at our current station in life?  What path did we take upon arrival?  What are the motivating factures that enhances our lives great personal joys.  For each of us our journey is different.  On October 15th 2013, our newly accepted member Denny Willeck shared his journey that has brought him to his current vocation as a Regional Leader with Primerica.

It didn’t take long in Denny’s talk to understand that this man is well grounded.  He comes from good stock in Minnesota and received his education in Earth Sciences from the University of Minnesota Duluth.  To further prove his intelligence he married a Duluth Gal and proceeded on an adventure that would take him to the hot sands of Saudi Arabia near Yemen and the bitter ice fields of Alaska.


Out of University, Denny signed on with the Air force; which is how he came to explore the sands near Yemen.  With a Passion for Geology Denny ventured out often camping out and filling in his down time in search of stones known as dessert roses, 7 thousand year old arrow heads and 30 million year old shark teeth.  Complements of the Air Force, Denny also traveled to Germany where he spent his down time studying the financial markets with a focus on Mutual fund trading. 


Denny retired from the Air force at Elmendorf Air base and thought he would try his hand in the world of Construction.  In two years time he found success but was more intrigued by the world of finance.  With a keen sense of financial survivorship Denny often found himself explaining the financial world to family and friends.  It was all too natural to sign up with Primerica and help educate/ service those in need of solid financial advice.

Happy Anniversary Members of RJR!!!  Come celebrate on the evening of October 24th at Mac and Tricia's Home 5910 West Dimond Blvd.  There will be Cocktails---  Could we truly celebrate our 30th anniversary!!  Our Charter Member Charlie Has the stories--they most be told. There will be toasts, there will be song, and a cocktail party accompanied by Tricia's Lasagna.    The 24th just sounded like a better date for many members.

 Hosted by Mac and Tricia at 5910 West Dimond blvd. 6:30 cocktails and 7:00 dinner.  Cocktails and Dinner will be hosted.  There will be a chance to donate to the foundation.  

Our party was moved from the 15th so many members could come celebrate with us.  We are having our regular meeting on the morning of the 15th and 22nd. 


Alright so we have all met Denny and know that he has his charm.  Now come and find out where Denny has been and how he arrived to be Regional Leader in his vocation. Didn't Harold introduce him as the other guy in the sauna----Ok---so now we will learn more.

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