Posted by Sandra Wicks
On Tuesday 9/12, Bruce and I drove to Seward to give the Water Filters for Lake Chapala Villages presentation to the Seward Rotary Club.  Attending the meeting was the Seward club's new exchange student, Fatima from Bolivia.  We overheard the members talking about Fatima's need to be at Anchorage airport by 10:30 a.m. on Friday 9/15.  We offered to host Fatima overnight Thursday night so she and the club would not have to worry about getting her to Anchorage early Friday morning.  The Seward Rotarians were happy to have that option.
Fatima and her YEO came to Anchorage on the train Thursday night and Fatima stayed overnight with us.  Friday morning, Super Host Mom Karen Smith came with our exchange student Yuga to pick up Fatima and take her to the airport to meet the other exchange students to go to the fall Youth Exchange orientation, so Yuga and Fatima already knew one other exchange student before arriving at the airport to meet all of the other exchange students.
While we were in Seward, a former Anchorage East Rotarian (now a member of the Seward Rotary Club) gave us a lot of frozen vacuum-packed salmon filets from his freezer.  When we tried to pay him, at least for the processing, he told us to apply it to the water filter project at Lake Chapala.  Thanks, Harold.  And thanks, Karen. 
With Rotary, one thing leads to another, which leads to another, and you never know where the connections will take you.