Posted by Paul Paslay
Hello fellow Rotarians.
Last Wednesday, August 8, a group of members from our club joined Rotarians from other clubs, and other folks (young and older), to construct 7 garden boxes at Abbott Loop Elementary.  Bill Ure, Adam Sikorski, Craig Bledsoe, Woody Angst, Berry Kirksey, Bob Cox, Dennis Bookey, Christian Deykes, Emily Rohrabaugh and Frank Cahill helped complete the task in only about an hour and one-half.  The next step will be to plant next spring.
I spoke with the principal at Baxter Elementary yesterday and she said eight boxes for her school would be phenomenal!
Tuesday, August 14, we fill with soil existing concrete planters at Springhill Elementary, and I just did an email blast to remind everyone.  This is a good example of Rotary working to make the world a little better in our community.  Hope you can all join us at some point in the process.