Posted by Paul McGuire
The calendar never lies. It shows that my year as President of Anchorage East Rotary is rapidly coming to a close. This may in fact be my last communication in the Eastwind  as President.
As I look back on the year, I once again realize that  Anchorage East Rotary is such a special Rotary club. And what makes it so special? It is our membership, in fact,  that makes it such a wonderful place to be.
Arch Klumpf once said “No one knows for sure what Rotary will be tomorrow. But what Rotary will be tomorrow, depends on what we do as Rotarians today”. 
Trust me, the Rotarians in our club are doing a lot! There are many opportunities to provide service in our club. I hope everyone finds a committee, or passion that they can serve. If you’re stuck for ideas, or just not sure, ask someone. We have many “veteran” members that are happy to share information and fill in gaps. 
There is a lot involved in Rotary. So, maybe not at this point in your life, as you have lots of other demands on your time. But at sometime, those demands change and frees up more of your time. This is when you jump in. This unselfish “Service Above Self” is what makes Rotary so special.
I hope we have had some fun this year, I know I have. One nice thing about Rotary is the leadership changes very year. We get a fresh, different approach every twelve months. Congratulations to President Elect Lance. We promise to support you and make your year as President terrific!
In closing, allow me to say I am happy to have served as your President this year. I know in a perfect world, Rene Haag would be typing this and ending her exciting year as President. Our world is not perfect, but we all continue to strive to make a difference. Never lose sight of that.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Paul McGuire