Posted by Paul Paslay
At our meeting August 22:
  • I asked that our members to keep Gloria Castenada in their thoughts as she deals with an illness in her family.
  • Lance Wilber announced he recently returned from a quick 2500 mile road trip.
  • Our exchange student Adam Szabo plans to go for his second round of golf with Bob Cox and Dave Kester.
  • Our club raised $300 for the college fund for the newly born daughter of Jon Dyson and his wife.
  • I presented our annual $5,000 check to the Food Bank.  Karla Jutzi, Executive Director, accepted the check and also talked about upcoming Food Bank events because she held the no-fine button this week.
Later in the week:
  • Rick Allen, Adam Sikorski and I attended the meeting of the Palmer Rotary club which every year takes place on the grounds of the Alaska State Fair.  The meeting went longer so there was a chance for people to talk about their club activities.  There were a number of exchange students present.  Adam and I talked about what Anchorage East is doing.
  • I visited with a staff member at Williwaw Elementary about whether this school might be a candidate for garden boxes.  Although it does not look like Williwaw is a candidate at this time, this person told me about hydroponic “grow towers” which can provide vegetables all year long.  Maybe this is a project for a future time?
  • I checked out 2 Friends Gallery and it looks like this will be a nice venue for our social event on September 10.  More about this later.
  • Jeff Johnson took this picture of me at the Palmer Club meeting last week at the State Fair.  I was asked to sit in for a bass player who could not make a gig, and it turned out the gig was the meeting at Palmer Club.