Sandra Wicks and Bruce Phelps recently spent a week in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho, and attended the meeting of the Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotary Club, at which they heard a very interesting program about the Sun Valley Summer Symphony that provides all of its concerts to the public without charge.  Bruce and Sandra also attended the "installation picnic", the equivalent of our "changing of the guard", which took place at Rotary Park.  The Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotary Club has partnered for over 20 years with the Ketchum Parks and Recreation Department to provide various upgrades and maintenance to this beautiful little creekside park.
When they left Ketchum, Bruce and Sandra were lucky enough to have a visit with Denise Lafever, a former Anchorage East Rotarian who now lives in Boise, Idaho.  Denise and her son, Josh, met Bruce and Sandra in Idaho City, Idaho, an old gold mining town and drove with them to McCall where they had lunch together at a beautiful lodge on the shore of Lake Payette.
Bruce and the new president of the Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotary club at Rotary Park.
Picnic at Rotary Park with Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotarians
New and old presidents of the Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotary Club.
Former Anchorage East Rotarian, Denise Lafever, with Bruce and Sandra