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While Kristen and I were in India, we attended the New Delhi Rotary eClub and were invited to participate in one of their club’s projects which is supporting the Auxilium Snehalaya Girls Orphanage.  We met with Sister Grace, the Orphanage Administrator, and were able to help distribute games, writing materials, and treats to the girls who range in age from 4 to 17.  The Rotary Club donated fruits, vegetables, bags of rice, and other much needed staples which we helped to unload and store.  Kristen and I were happy to make a monetary donation as well to support this orphanage with many needs.  The girls seemed happy, well nourished, and grateful for the opportunity to go to the nearby school. It is such an honor for me to belong to Rotary knowing the good Rotarians do throughout the world.
More than a dozen AER members volunteered at our Rotary English Camp this past Saturday at the Anchorage Literacy Project school.  We had 19 students from 11 countries.  Rotarians and adult English learners interacted in some fun and engaging activities.  Lead instructors Tam Agosti-Gisler, Shirley Nelson, Oscar Avallaneda-Cruz and Kathleen Madden organized classes on professional e-mail etiquette & business writing, creating 6 sentence photo memoirs, learning a reggae song and beginning conversation.   THANK YOU to all the volunteers who assisted in the classroom, brought food and helped with logistics.  This was truly a day of service above self, making friends, doing good and having fun!!!  The students really enjoyed the time spent with all of you.
Rich Dyson provided us with a couple of great photos of Yuga playing soccer.  Yuga is playing his next match on Thursday, April 26th at Service High School.  The match starts at 5 PM.  Please come cheer on Yuga!
At our April 19th meeting, we had our Student and Teacher of the month from Bartlett High School.  Selena Aspen-Neyland is a senior and is very anxious to get "on with it."  She is a lifelong Alaskan and attended Wonder Park and Begich Schools.  She received $200 to help with her expenses at UAA in the nursing program.   She is involved in music and sports.  On April 19th, she had 30 minutes between her soccer game and choir concert.  "Lots of time" she said.
Laura Blackwood is the Director of the above-mentioned concert.  She has been at Bartlett for two years and has 5 choir classes with 250 students total.  She "loves to see the progress that is happening at Bartlett.”  Laura is from Dallas via Liberty University.  She received $250 to help with her classroom expenses.
East Anchorage Rotary Vocational Committee has been doing this at Bartlett and East for about 40 years.  We also give scholarships at both schools.
Are you going to the District Conference in Seward?  Would you care to share a room?  I have a reservation at Harbor 360, checking in on Thursday, May 17 and checking out Sunday, May 20.  Due to a conflict in Homer, I cannot use the room at all on the 17th.  So it is open.  Please call or email Heather Flynn at hfree43@yahoo.com or 277-2220.
Here are some photos of our trip to India for the polio N.I.D (National Immunization Day) in India.
We first met with Dr. Matthew Varghese who is the leading orthopedic surgeon in India treating polio patients.  He gave a presentation to my wife, Kristen, and me at St. Stephen’s Hospital in New Delhi.  We were with the Belgian team and were then given a tour of the polio wards where Dr. Varghese explained the different procedures he uses for the varying polio cases.
We went the next day to a neighborhood in New Delhi to work our immunization station with Rotary teams from Australia and Japan in addition to local Rotarians.  The local newspaper ran an article the next day showing that we had immunized 232 children at our station.
In all, there were 2.5 million volunteers working throughout India on the N.I.D. immunizing more than 75 million children under 5 years old.
Here are some pictures of Yuga going to prom on Saturday.  I helped him get into his tux and his new host mom, Lena Reep, pinned a rose on him.  The young ladies with him are his host “sister” and her friend.
For those with an interest in history, this is a ticket to the banquet at which Anchorage East was chartered in 1970.
To my fellow Rotarians who purchased the mustard making class and dinner at the Rotary Foundation Auction, the class is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the home of Lynn Shaver and Jim Stanley.  Please confirm via email that you are planning to attend the class, the dinner, or both.  Also, please provide me with any allergies you may have and/or strong food preferences so that I may plan a dinner that pleases all palates.  Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, April 21, 2018!
4:00 pm for mustard making.  6:00-ish for dinner.
First - MANY thanks! The club has spoken.  After analyzing the results from the International Committee assembly meeting (1/24/18), the online survey, and during last week’s old school survey (paper and arm-twisting), we have a lot to catch you up on!  The most important take-away is that over 60 percent of our respondents indicated a strong interest in participating in the international project.  Therefore, we are issuing a call for proposals for the 2018-2019 year that include the following:
  1. Must include maximum opportunity for a group/work crew from AER to participate and travel to and work on the project.
  2. Priority region – Asia
  3. Priority area – providing clean water
  4. Partner with another Rotary Club
It is my goal for the remainder of this year and through next year working with Adam Sikorski to make the process, timing, and opportunity to participate available to everyone.  With that in mind, please join us for a no-host after-work session.  I (Anne Garrett) am available to write the grant once the committee has reviewed our options.
-Wednesday, April 4th, at 5:30 PM at Orso’s - International Committee Meeting – no host work session – all invited.
-Thursday, April 12 – International Committee Chair recommendation to the board
-Friday, April 20th – International grant project deadline
Pictured below are East High School's teacher and student of the month - teacher Alfonso Licata and student Abdi Hodan.  Mr. Licata is the English Language teacher at East, speaks four languages, and he enjoys traveling and fishing.  Ms. Hodan is from Ethiopia and plans to be a nurse. 
AER Honorary Rotarian Linda "Jay" Jackson was recently awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Rotary Club of New Road City/Kathmandu "for your effort and coordinating partnership of Helping Hand for Nepal with RC New Road City in doing various projects.”  HHN partnered with this Club on earthquake relief projects.  Most recently (February 2018) HHN partnered with RC New Road City to provide toilets for a Chepang Village made homeless by last summer's floods.  The villagers did the labor, HHN provided materials, and RCNC provided logistics.
Left to right:  Secretary Ramila Shrestha, President Arjun Shrestha, Jackson, PP Nilkantha Shrestha, and Charter President Harsha Ratna Shakya.
Villagers dig a pit and cesspool for each toilet.
HHN provides materials for the toilets including the porcelain pan for the squat toilets.
Jackson and members of RCNRC meet with members of the Chepang village.  Pictured left to right:  Jackson, President Arjun Shrestha, Rtn. Kiran Man Chitrakar, and PP Sita Rupakheti.
At a recent ceremony in Chitwan, Jackson presents an HHN check to six Chitwan-area Rotary Clubs to help rebuild a Musahar (people who eat rats) village devastated by late summer floods.  Helping Hand for Nepal partnered with the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Metro to make this possible.  Right: Rotarian Rajib Pokharel, PP RCKM and District 3292 Governor Elect Nominee.
Rebuilding Musahar village.  This is a long-term project which will build improved homes.
It may be a dirt floor, but women keep their home as clean and neat as possible.  No electricity, no toilets, no running water.  Example: Home in village to be rebuilt and improved. 
Greetings my jet setting rotarian friends!
I've got a request on behalf of our current favorite foreign friend Yuga.  He's looking for help getting to and from the West Coast Tour in June.  If you've got some spare frequent flyer miles you're willing to donate, please let Katie Johnson know.  Flights are TO San Francisco and FROM Las Vegas.  So, offers of one way tickets are also workable.  He's got an itinerary in mind for the outbound trip, but he has more flexibility on the return trip.  If you're willing to help, contact Katie Johnson at 907-342-5203 or at ak.ktjohnson@gmail.com.  Thank you for continuing to support Youth Exchange!
The Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) is in need of volunteers for upcoming MFP distribution events.  A minimum of 12 volunteers are needed for each MFP distribution.  Your help at these events is greatly appreciated!  Here are the upcoming dates for MFP distributions:

-Saturday, April 14

-Saturday, May 12

-Saturday, June 9

-Saturday, July 14


Contact Barbara Swenson for any details related to MFP events.
East High School Interact Club members have been busy knitting scarves for Operation Gratitude, a national program that sends care boxes to active military and wounded warriors.  Knitted scarves made by community members in the Knitting Guild were also collected for the project at Far North yarn store.  Pictured (from left to right) are:  Gabrielle Jones, Monroe Sempleton, Brianna Lawrence, Sophia Mira, Lisa Elconin and Emma Levy.
As we were walking around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we noticed a poster advertising a Rotary fundraising project in conjunction with the local firefighters - a dog wash.  Of course, we had to go see it so we could make a report to AER.  At the fire station, the junior firefighters and junior emergency first responders, in their uniforms and under the supervision of Rotarians, groomed, washed and dried the dogs.  Other young members of the force got equipment and physical training.  It was good to see so many young people engaged in a very productive way.
Robin Dublin and her wife Hilary Morgan (fellow Rotarian at Downtown Rotary) are having an amazing time, currently in South Africa.  We stopped into Knysna Rotary and had a wonderful lunch.  Great conversations about race relations and Rotary projects.  Super nice people. For both Hilary and I, this was our first time going to a Rotary Club outside the U.S.  Recommend it to all!  See you in April.
When we were in Oaxaca, Mexico, in January, we not only visited some amazing churches and artisan studios, I also visited a small Rotary Club that, in conjunction with a Colorado Rotary Club, had just delivered 53 wheelchairs to people with mobility challenges.  At the meeting, a 54th wheelchair was delivered to a man for one of his handicapped relatives.  This club has also delivered lots of solar cookers to women in indigenous villages to help them save on firewood.  One of this club’s members was a Rotary ambassadorial scholar in the US many years ago and was one of the first women inducted into Rotary.  While we were in Oaxaca, we also saw lots of grasshoppers for sale, but we didn’t have any with our cheese omelet. (See the pink picture.)
-The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine last week is now fully recovered.
-He had a photographic memory, but it was never fully developed.
-When she saw her first strands of gray hair she thought she'd dye.  
-Acupuncture is a jab well done. That's the point of it.
Thank you to Adam Sikorski and AER for leading the International Committee Assembly meeting during our regularly scheduled meeting time!  I appreciate all the support from Rotary and my International Committee team during the past few months.  The results from the assembly were not surprising. However, before sharing the details, I would like to invite everyone to take this quick (3 minute) survey. This will give everyone in the club – whether they were at the meeting or not – an opportunity to say what matters to them and where we, as a club, should be putting our energy. MANY thanks and I will share the results next week!
Also, we will have an international Committee meeting next week (the last week of March) date/location TBD to review these surveys and the data from the meeting.
Featured are some of our AER Rotarians from the Iditarod restart party on Long Lake at the home of Tryg and Kim Erickson, which also happened to be a fundraiser for PolioPlus.  Thank you Arnie!
Polio cases continue to decline.  2017 had 22 cases, down from 37 in 2016.  For 2018, there have been 3 cases in Afghanistan.  Currently, District 5010 leads the way with contributing 20% of our DDF Funding to PolioPlus.  Also, with combining the district’s $35,000 check with individual clubs’ contributions so far, we rank 3rd in our zone for per capita giving.
Noteworthy is that only 8 clubs have met or exceeded the RI Challenge of $1500 per club.  Additionally, 40% of our clubs (that’s 16 clubs) have contributed nothing to PolioPlus this year.  It is critical we have all clubs on board if we are going to meet RI’s funding commitment of $50,000,000 each year for 3 years and take advantage of the Gates Foundation 2 for 1 match.
Our leading club, from Juneau-Gastineau, contributed $7,260 to PolioPlus so far.  In fact, the Juneau clubs are our true polio champions with Juneau-Glacier Valley ranking 3rd with over $6,800.  Fairbanks Club is 2nd with $7,150.  E-Club is the top club for per capita giving at over $254 per person!  And a special shout out to Whitehorse who have contributed almost $1,400 in a club with only 24 members.
Please attend the District Conference in Seward where on May 19th, we will celebrate our district’s accomplishments and will honor a long time PolioPlus Champion and fighter of the disease, John Diesher.  There will be plenty of food, fun and dancing as we continue the countdown towards making polio history.
Anchorage School District Superintendent, and AER Member, Dr. Deena Bishop introduced seven students from West High School during the regularly scheduled school board meeting this evening.  Students and their respective organizations were recognized for their leadership and the service that they provide to the community.  Members of the Interact Club were included in the recognition. The President of the Interact Club said a few words about the club's concern regarding the global issue of human trafficking and its efforts to address the issue through its local efforts at West High School.  Last December, the club participated in a global program called "Dressember" during which the girls wore dresses, the boys wore bow ties, and the club raised over $2,000 to address the trafficking issue.
On February 7, 2018, Bruce Phelps and Sandra Wicks delivered the last water filters purchased with AER's district grant to people in two small communities down a long dirt road in the county south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Fifteen filters were delivered to serve 40 people and to the school in Agua Caliente, and 16 filters were delivered to serve 50 people in Bioto.  Many thanks are due to Aide Olivera who lives in El Tuito for driving us to the villages in her truck and acting as our go-between.  In all, with our district grant this year, we were able to deliver 116 filters to serve 343 people, 4 schools and a free dental clinic.
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