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Wednesday Noon In-Person Meetings ALASKA AIRLINES CENTER, VARSITY SPORTS GRILL 3550 Providence Drive
Stephen Trimble, Founder & CEO
Feb 08, 2023 12:00 PM
Arctic Solar Ventures Corp
Dr. Jharrett Bryantt, Superintendent
Feb 22, 2023 12:00 PM
Anchorage School District
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Allow me to introduce our most wonderful foreign exchange student, Majda (pronounced Mai-da, aka Magdalena) Frydrychova. She comes to us from the Czech Republic and will be here for the year. She is currently staying with the Folds/Berry family.
A busy student is a happy student. If you and or your family are heading out on an adventure (even if it’s just to Dave and Busters) please reach out. The following items are on her wish list:
1)     Go on a dog sled
2)     Ride in a float plane
3)     Go to a shooting range  
4)     Go fishing    
5)     See a glacier
Activities don’t have to be that expansive she also enjoys movies, hiking and eating. Her contact information is:
We are also looking for assistance getting her to and from the Rotary meetings. Please reach out to Katie if you’re able to be an occasional “goober” driver, ak.ktjohnson@gmail.com
Lastly, we’re still looking to shore up one more host family. If you have friends or relatives in the East School zone that might be interested, please send Katie their contact information and she will follow up. We look to place the students for 3-4 months.  If you live in the South or West school zones, never fear, Kt can still set you up! Downtown and South Rotary have young men that are looking for host families also. 
Anchorage East Rotarians attended a Glacier Pilots game in July.  President Kara Blake got to throw out the first pitch and Rotarians got to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch!
A fun time was had by all!
President Kara Blake throwing out the first pitch
Rotarians and friends singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
South Anchorage Club is organizing a small fundraiser for Anchorage clubs by way of selling “Imagine Rotary” zip-up hoodies. 
The zip-up hoodies will have the same Imagine Rotary logo on the back, and our club will have the Anchorage East Rotary name on the front. It appears the color of the hoodie is either a very light gray or white. 
The hoodies will cost $26 per unit, which includes shipping, and we'll be selling them for $40 per unit, so there will be $16 that will go back to our club (small fundraiser). 
The deadline to submit your order and payment will be 8/31/22.
The hoodies tend to run a little small, so if in doubt on sizing, please order the next size up from what you might usually order.
If you would like to order, please email Kara Blake with the following information:
First and Last Name 
Size (XS - XX Large available) 
Total Count ($40 per hoodie)
kara_mae@hotmail.com or phone 907-317–0068
Twenty-one Rotarians, friends and family member attended the Ghost Tour and Happy Hour last Wednesday.  Thank you to Rick Goodfellow and Heather Flynn for the events!  It was a great doubleheader!
Bruce and I recently had the pleasure of taking Hashmat, his wife, Morsal, and his little daughter, Hania, to our cabin in Talkeetna.  We were lucky to have good weather, so the family spent a lot of time on the dock with Hania lying down looking into the water for minnows.  Hashmat also helped us in a number of ways with chores around the cabin, which was a blessing for us.  Morsal also made some tasty Afghan food to share with us.  I'm sure Hashmat and his family would enjoy the opportunity to get to know other members of our club, if you are involved with an activity you could share with them, and he also would like to participate in the Mobile Food Pantry again, if someone can pick him up, since we will be out of town.
Thanks to the Rotarians that took part in the Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone's help, we were able to provide food to 96 families.  Great Job Everyone!
Thanks to all the Club members who came out to help clean up Northern Lights Boulevard.  We had a good crew, made quick work of the task, and enjoyed Margaritas at the end. 
The 2022 Clean Up Crew: Rich Dyson, Eva Khadjinova, Amanda Hesser, Katie Johnson, Craig Bledsoe, Carolyn Jones, Sandra Phelps, Barbara Kagerer, Bruce Phelps, Steven Tucker and Daniel Cheyette.
Several Anchorage East Rotarians attended the District 5010 Conference in Talkeetna.  Attendees include Kara Blake, Katie Johnson, Jay Jackson, Amanda Hesser, Allison Capps, Marjorie Poggas and Paul Paslay. Looks like a good time was had by all!
Bartlett graduating senior, Lucy Atkinson, receives one of the five scholarships for $2,000 from Anchorage East Rotary on April 20th at Bartlett Awards Night.  Past President Jeff Blake and President-Elect Kara Blake (a Bartlett graduate herself) were the official AER presenters at the event.
Bartlett High School senior, Katelyn Foley, receives the $2,000 Gene Furman Accounting Scholarship on April 20th from Past President Jeff Blake, and President-Elect Kara Blake.  The Furman Scholarship is funded completely by Gene Furman, an 18-year member of Anchorage East Rotary, for students who wish to pursue a post-secondary accounting course of study.
AER's Exchange Student
You may contact our Majda from the Czech Republic as follows:  .907-331-9274         majda.frydrych06@gmail.com      Please think of her when doing an outing or activity.
This week's Czech Republic Trivia Question #14:    Is the Czech Republic a member of either NATO or the European Union?
Answer in next week's Eastwind. 
Trivia Question #13.:  What was the velvet divorce?  The peaceful Velvet Revolution swept the Communist Party from power at the end of 1989 and inaugurated a return to democratic rule and a market economy.   
On January 1, 1993, the country underwent a nonviolent "velvet divorce" into its two national components, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  
Hashmat is looking for  a narrow table 4 feet long.  If you would like to donate one, please call Rich Dyson @ 907-830-4858.
Many of us at Anchorage East Rotary have had the pleasure of meeting Hashmat Sarweri our friend who is a recent refugee from Afghanistan. He has attended Zoom club meetings and was at the Mobile Food Pantry last Saturday. Several of us have been working to help him and his wife Morsal and their two-year-old daughter Hania adjust to life in Anchorage.
Surprisingly the federal resettlement program which is being administered locally by Catholic Social Services only provides three months of cash benefits. March is their last month of support.
We have identified seven areas where Hashmat could use help. Please reply to David Hoffman if you can help in an area of need. 
Fulltime employment: Hashmat has a job at Fire Island Bakery from noon to 5:00 five days pr week.  He is seeking a fulltime computer technology job. He has a B.S. degree in Information Technology from an Afghan University. He worked for an American contractor in Afghanistan doing IT support.
Transportation: Hashmat relies on the bus system for transportation and needs more options, i.e., rides, a used car, etc.
Social opportunities: Hashmat speaks excellent English but Morsal does not yet. She is studying English on-line.
IT Consulting business: Hashmat has a business license and has begun doing hardware and software troubleshooting. I have hired him and he has done an excellent job for me. His rate is $40 per hour.
Benefits assistance: Advocate for Hashmat and his family with Catholic Social Services and identify any potential additional services for which the family may qualify.
Spiritual assistance: Provide transportation for Friday prayer service.
If you have attended any recent Club meetings, then you likely have met or at least heard of Hashmat (aka Qais) who along with his wife Morsal and daughter Hania are new residents of Anchorage, relocated to the US after leaving Afghanistan this past fall.  Our Club has been assisting Hashmat and his family resettle in Anchorage and look for work. Led by Elanor Andrews, Sandra Wick and others, our Club is working together to make their transition to a new life in Anchorage as smooth as possible.
While Hashmat is still looking for full-time work in IT, he has found part-time work at Fire Island Bakery! Congratulations Hashmat! Thank you to all Club members who have taken part in the efforts to help Hashmat and his family.  I can think of few things more quintessential Rotarian than this!
Calling all Rotarians!
District 5010 is proud to host the 28th annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at the Salvation Army’s King’s Lake Camp, Wasilla, AK, USA – April 14th – 17th, 2022.
RYLA is a program for teens that are high school sophomores and juniors/in grade 10 and 11. Anchorage East Rotary will be providing this opportunity to three teenagers and we need some enthusiastic volunteers to make it happen!
  • Interview process:  We need 2 individuals to review the applications and meet the candidates (via zoom or in person) to select our teens
  • Chaperone:  No better way than to mentor a group of teens from throughout Alaska!  The club pays your fees
  • Transportation:  We need an individual with a vehicle or possibly a donation for a shuttle to transport our teens and chaperone to Wasilla and their return trip.
Anchorage East Rotary, Honorary Member Eleanor Andrews is currently featured in the Black Lives in Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy exhibition at the Anchorage Museum (https://www.anchoragemuseum.org/exhibits/black-lives-in-alaska-journey-justice-joy/). This exhibition, told through archival photos and collected materials, showcases the richness and resilience of Black lives in Alaska.
Eleanor’s personal archives are on display on the second level Mezzanine. Carefully curated with Eleanor, these materials highlight Alaska’s rich and diverse histories through photographs, documents, awards, and other materials. The Anchorage Museum is working with History Makers and community historians to bring in personal collections, and we look forward to sharing more stories as part of this ongoing effort.
The last day to see this exhibition in person will be on February 13, 2022. Please check the Museum website ahead of your visitor for updated hours of operation and Covid-19 protocols.
It’s 1870 in the town of Dead Man, Kansas, USA. There’s a big crowd whoopin’ it up in Dead Man’s Saloon. The clock on the wall shows high noon, but then, it always does. All at once, word spreads that there’s going to be a shootout on Main Street. The crowd rushes outside to watch, but the street is deserted. Suddenly, two shots ring out from behind them, inside the saloon.
Who's the bad egg and who's above board? You gotta play to find out! *Limit 14 people
Costumes are highly recommended. Awards for Best Costume and Best Performance. Be there or be square! 

Attendees who do not wish to participate in the murder mystery are welcome to attend to watch the scandal unfold (but please still RSVP to receive the zoom link!)

Bring your own cocktails! It will be a hog-killing time!
February 26. 2022 - This date was the preferred date by the greatest number of respondents. 
Social half-hour (join zoom at any time): 5-5:30 pm
Murder Mystery: 5:30-7:30 pm
Are you ready for a whodunit? Giddy up! RSVP HERE: https://forms.gle/ud84XpJ6oqrjTXjb7
Several club members got together this past weekend for a virtual gingerbread house social. A great time was had by all!
Craig Bledsoe won best "prefabricated house," Katie Johnson, Allison Capps and Amanda Hesser won best team house, and Peyton and Piper Dyson won best overall and best individual houses. 
Thanks to all who participated!
February is World Understanding Month on the Rotary Calendar and as I scroll through our membership list, I am gratified to realize how many of our members were born and raised outside of the United States.  The fact that we all work well together on projects, converse freely and happily amongst ourselves, and enjoy genuine friendships with those from different cultures and religions is the essence of world understanding.  Additionally, we have hosted many exchange students over the years who have been able to share their perspectives with us and we with them.  My parents hosted an exchange student from Indonesia and one from Argentina which was a tremendous learning experience not only for our club but for my brother and me as we absorbed cultural views in some cases completely different from our own.  Our family has traveled extensively throughout the world sometimes with Rotary.  In doing so we have maintained friendships around the globe which has enhanced our concept of World Understanding.  I salute Rotary for dedicating this month as they have to promote peace.  I hope you will join with me in recognizing and embracing the diversity which we have been gifted.   I believe it will build the necessary connections to have peace flourish.
A large groups of Anchorage East Rotarians had a great Saturday night pairing wine with Halloween candy. My favorite candy pairing with every wine was candy corn. Katie Johnson and Rich Dyson tied for King and Queen of Halloween trivia.
Great to see such a large group participating.  Join the fun next time!
Multiple club members enjoyed a great 1980s murder mystery this past weekend! Allison Capps was our murder, but nobody guessed it was her, so she won the “Best Liar” prize! Katie Johnson and Rich Dyson must have acted guilty because they received the most accusations, earning them the “Most Likely to Commit a Crime” title. Dave Kester and Kristen Dyson showed up with their best 1980’s wear and won “Best Costume.” Katie Johnson won “Best Performance,” and Jon Dyson won the “Tried Their Best” prize, but only because he wouldn’t show any skin.
Looks like a good time was had by all.  Well done everyone!
The Bettye Davis East High Interact Club has begun working on their annual Valentine's Day sale and will use the proceeds to purchase hygiene kits for Clare House and Covenant House. Additional mentors/advisors from Anchorage East are needed.  Please contact Karen Smith for more information.
East High Interactors assemble gifts to sell for St. Valentine’s Day.
Assortment of Valentine’s gifts for sale to raise funds for Covenant House.
East High Interact Club, sponsored by Anchorage East Rotary is back and meeting now that school is in session.  West High Interact is soon to follow.  If you know of any student at East or West, please let them know about Interact.
Pictured at the first meeting of the year are Rich Dyson, AER liaison, Lisa Xiong, senior student, and Kim Liland, faculty sponsor. If you would like to volunteer to be an AER liaison with East or West High, please contact Karen Smith, AER Director of Youth Services.
During last week's Club meeting Paul Paslay and Woody Angst were both recognized by District 5010 for their contributions to Rotary last year.  District Governor Cheryl Metiva and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips presented the awards!
Paul Paslay and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips
Woody Angst and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Vice President
Past President
International Service
Sergeant at Arms
Vocational Service
Youth Exchange
Youth Services
Executive Secretary

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