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Oct 20, 2021 12:00 PM
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Multiple club members enjoyed a great 1980s murder mystery this past weekend! Allison Capps was our murder, but nobody guessed it was her, so she won the “Best Liar” prize! Katie Johnson and Rich Dyson must have acted guilty because they received the most accusations, earning them the “Most Likely to Commit a Crime” title. Dave Kester and Kristen Dyson showed up with their best 1980’s wear and won “Best Costume.” Katie Johnson won “Best Performance,” and Jon Dyson won the “Tried Their Best” prize, but only because he wouldn’t show any skin.
Looks like a good time was had by all.  Well done everyone!
East Betty Davis High School Interact Club meets every Tuesday at 10:30 AM.  The members are planning a winter clothing drive and are recruiting volunteers to help with the AER Mobile Food Pantry.  The participating students have filled a bulletin board of their activities and community involvement in their meeting room. 
Kim Liland is the Interact faculty sponsor.  Anchorage East Rotary supports the Interact Clubs at East and West High.  The formation of another club is being considered at South High. Please contact Karen Smith at smithkaren450@gmail.com if you are willing to assist with this Youth Service activity.
East High Interact Club, sponsored by Anchorage East Rotary is back and meeting now that school is in session.  West High Interact is soon to follow.  If you know of any student at East or West, please let them know about Interact.
Pictured at the first meeting of the year are Rich Dyson, AER liaison, Lisa Xiong, senior student, and Kim Liland, faculty sponsor. If you would like to volunteer to be an AER liaison with East or West High, please contact Karen Smith, AER Director of Youth Services.
During last week's Club meeting Paul Paslay and Woody Angst were both recognized by District 5010 for their contributions to Rotary last year.  District Governor Cheryl Metiva and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips presented the awards!
Paul Paslay and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips
Woody Angst and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Phillips
Two visiting Rotarians from Nepal joined our meeting last week with Jay Jackson. Rajesh Upadhyay from PP Rotary Club Kathmandu Metro and his wife Rara from Rotary Club of Jawalakhel Manjushree visited with us during their visit to Alaska.  Our Club assisted Helping Hands for Nepal did a grant project with Kathmandu Metro that provided an autoclave for the National Kidney Center - Kathmandu.
Rajesh and Rara with Jay Jackson
Rajesh and Rara with District Governor Cheryl Metiva
Air guitar, fellowship and tee shirts were the order of the day for Rotarians and friends at the Tuesday and Thursday Foo Fighters concerts. Led by our illustrious leader Jon Dyson, volunteers sold merchandise at the events and got to hear the concert (though Rich was critical of their Bee Gees covers).
Thanks for sacrificing a little sleep to earn a $100 per person donation to the club!
Amanda Hesser, Rich Dyson, Katie Johnson, Michael and Cassie Jurasek, Mary Rowan, Rachel Arlington and boyfriend, Lina Covil, Eduardo Teran and several others spent 6 busy hours as Foo Fighteers wish fulfillment selling tee-shirts, hoodies, records, beer koozies, and the coveted event posters.
Several Anchorage East Rotarians enjoyed beer and fellowship at Anchorage Brewing last Friday night. 
If  you didn't attend you missed out! The event was attended by Dave Hoffman and guest Lindsey, Rich and Cristen Dyson, Katie Johnson, Amanda Hesser (and guest), Craig and Ruthanne Bledsoe, Allison Capps, and Adam Sikorski. Conversation and beer were the order of business and plenty of both was had.
The social committee looks forward to seeing you at the next event to put the fun in fellowship!
The first zucchini harvest from the Shepherd of the Hills Community Garden was taken to Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission today. The construction of the garden was completed last year by Roth Powers, a church member, for his Eagle Scout project with the purchase of all the materials needed through a Community Service grant from Anchorage East Rotary.  Looks like there will be plenty of zucchini, cabbage, kale, beans and eventually potatoes.
Thank you Anchorage East Rotary – making our community better!
The Communications Committee is encouraging everyone to review your information on Clubrunner and update anything that has changed.  If you've changed jobs, retired, moved, changed phone numbers or email addresses, or perhaps you'd like a new photo uploaded, chances are you've got a few things to update.  Please take a few minutes and make the necessary changes.  If you're not quite sure how to do this, feel free to send clear information to Chris Wolpert and he will be glad to update your Clubrunner information.

If you have any news you want to share with the club, please let us know! Contact Chris Wolpert at christopherwolpert@hotmail.com

Have some interesting news about yourself? Your family? Anchorage East is one big, happy family and wants to hear about our members! But remember, just like in meetings, announcements must be limited to personal/family news, news related to you, your family or another club member. Also, please limit all stories to 250 words or less, and no more than 4 photos to go with each story.  Thanks!

 We love Non-Profit announcements and we want to keep them going.  Here is a quick run-down on the rules:

  • All non-profit announcements should be less than one minute
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  • In recognition of the no-fine purchaser, non-profit announcements will now be $40 

Keep them coming!  Keep us tuned in to what your passions are and what we can do to help! 


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