Posted by Frank Zamarelli on May 01, 2019
Help create a community of red, white, and blue! Join others on your street to honor our country with a parade of flags.

The Rotary Club of Salem is pleased to announce the implementation of year two of the Salem flag project.  This project has been implemented nationwide and serves as a wonderful way to honor our country and to beautify our city. 

As a proud resident of Salem, Ohio, the Club is hopeful that you’ll consider purchasing a flag subscription.  We’ve found that the flag displays most impactful when there are flags in numerous homes and onlookers are able to see flags continually in the distance. 

Here’s how it works once you subscribe:

1.       A local club member will come to your house and place a marker in the ground.  These are drilled into your yard and are flush with the soil.  A small cap is put on it for easy locating.  Markers are placed inside the curb lawn and will not impact underground utility lines.

2.       On each of 5 national holidays, which include Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day, a flag will be placed in your yard a few days prior to the holiday and will be removed a few days after the holiday.

3.       Your annual subscription will renew automatically unless you tell us you’d like to stop it.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance – the flags remain the property and responsibility of the Rotary Club.

And, it’s easy to subscribe!

Cost for the annual subscription is just $30.

As you can imagine, having your home and your neighbors flying the flag during these holidays is visually impactful and  inspiring. 

hope you’ll consider taking part in this easy way to show your local & national pride!

Go to our HOME PAGE - Click on the RIGHT HAND SIDE "Flag Application" for a printed copy.

Flag Application: - $30

Questions, call The Flag Hotline (234)-564-2626.  Thank You!