Posted by Susan Yoder on Jan 14, 2020
Sara Baer introduced today‚Äôs guest speakers Scott Lewis and Lisa Wallace founders of the Brightside Project.  The Brightside Project was founded in 2016 as a 501 C3 organization with a focus on children in our community living in poverty.  The Brightside Project holds events and programs throughout the year including Brightside Christmas, Bright Easter, School supply drive, and a community book box initiative.
Through these efforts, children receive food, personal care items, and friendships from caring adult volunteers.  Emotional needs are met through mentors and friends working through the Brightside Project.  They hold a food pantry for kids on the third Thursday of each month. Brightside is also working with the Church Women United group to take over their shoe voucher program for school children.  Brightside is a faith based organization that is not affiliated with any specific church.
Scott and Lisa responded to a variety of questions from the group.  They are looking for donations to their program along with any interested volunteers. For more information, contact them at the phone number provided 234-564-0148 or by email at