President Steve has initiated a program called "Bring A Friend" to Rotary! Please check below for your week during this Rotary year.
Below is the list of the dates that I passed out with the dates that every Rotarian is encouraged to invite a guest to come to one of our meetings.  There will be no cost to the Rotarian if they bring a guest on the date listed by their name. You will also be able to find the list on our website and in our newsletter for the current month.  This is a great opportunity for our club to allow other people in our community to see what Rotary is about and hopefully we can gain some new members!

Anyone can still bring a guest on other days but they will charged for them like in the past.

Thanks for everyone's participation and support of this program!

President Steve
JUNE 2019 - NAMES FOR "Bring A Friend"

Wiesensee, Mindy 6/4/2019
Apicella, Salvatore 6/11/2019
Winch-Korff, Mary 6/11/2019
Yoder, Susan 6/18/2019
Zamarelli, Frank 6/25/2019
Apicella, Alma 6/25/2019