Harbor Light News Letter 2017-08-23

1.  Call to order
2.  Thought & Pledge / Jim Pockross
3.  Four Way Test – in all the things you think, say or do:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
4.  Special thanks to:
Set up – Club/Gil
Treasurer, John Bowman
Attendance, Karen Donnan
Greeter- Sue Watson filled in
Thought & Pledge   Jim Pockross
Shenanigans   tom Ryan
Club Duties for August 30 meeting: 
Attendance - Chris Simcox  
Greeter - Puran Stevens 
Thought and Pledge - Bob Meeder 
Shenanigans - Susan Fisher
5.  Reports on upcoming activities :
a-Elmwood Dunes- 8-26
b-- Club Assembly   8-30
c-Chicago Red Star soccer (womens pro soccer)game on Sept 3 at 5:00 pm in Bridgeview at Toyota park  Tickets are $25 and benefit Guatemala Xray project   Who wants to go?  We are sending Shenanigans money towards this cause
d.  Beach Sweep-  9-16  Chris Cole
6.  Susan Fisher brought 2 guests!  YAY!  Lali Watt and Dianne Seppelfrick
7.  President’s moment  What is rotary? Global alliance of community networkers doing good.   Lets focus on membership      
    and guests.
8.  Announcements
      a.  Update on Al Hashimi family/ Ellen Falkof provided update  Lets continue social visits
      b.  Dues are due
      c.  Board meeting update  Jim Waite has agreed to work on membership committee with Jackie Boland They met
           August 7
      d.  Fundraiser ideas needed ... and  discussion with members
      e.  Garden committee update  Sue Watson is working on this   Our grant was approved in amount of 3,500
      f.  Food Drive for next week  Heidi Voorhees will coordinate  Bring your contributions next Wednesday
      g.  Pasek garden clean up by Beth, Gil, John, Maureen and Ann. Great job‼
9.  Announcements:
      a.  Several club members provided eclipse experience updates.  John Glasgow’s daughter chased a moose during
           the eclipse
      b.  Club assembly is next week   We will talk about Guatemala trip; fundraising; membership and other club
   10. Shenanigans Tom Ryan
   11. Speaker: Julie Yusim of Wilmette Chamber of Commerce   Our club is a member of the Chamber so we are
          allowed to attend and participate in chamber events.  Great talk on wilmette business challenges and  
    12. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 am.
13. Next Week- Club Assembly
       We will discuss pending matters with the Club, including our plans for an international service trip; our
        2017 fundraiser; membership and other club matters   
       Bring your enthusiasm and ideas!   And don't forget to bring food for the New Trier Food depository