Member John Hillebrand's daughter, Julie is involved with a Ukrainian refugee assistance project in Romania.  She described a safe haven, Pensiune/house in Romania, was established for Ukrainian women and children refugees.  Space with accommodations, meals and supplies/services, for 3 months has been secured through fundraising. The House is now at full capacity and they are working with the staff and refugees daily to ensure a safe, comfortable environment.  Thus far, they have a handful of children that have started school (Russian speaking school in Braila), and a few mothers that have been employed already.  It is a testament to humanity at its finest to support one another.
At this time, they continue to fundraise, given the uncertainty of the situation with the war.  They have stated on their site, that each additional $17,500 raised goes towards one more month of secure accommodation and meals for the refugees.  
See the links below for more information and to donate.