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2020-21 Officers Installed
On Thursday, June 25th, the Rotarians and friends of the Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates gathered for the first ever "drive in" installation of officers and directors at Fabbrini Park.  This "Installation with Separation" event was the first time the club had gathered in person since the CORVID-19 pandemic changed everyone's plans.  The installation program was broadcast via FM radio to those in their automobiles and as a Facebook Live Stream to those who watched from their homes.  All appropriate safety measures were observed during the event.
The venue for this installation was particularly appropriate for the Installation of Wesley Crockett astt the club's 51st President.  Wes is the grandson of Joe Fabbrini for whom the park is named.  As a third generation member of the club, Wes brings both the vision and energy of youth and the strong sense of tradition and deep understanding of Rotary that comes from growing up in a Rotary family.  Also installed that evening were Treasurer Tom Gosche, Secretary Brian Berg, Directors Sarah Billmeyer, Holly Fath, Robery Fleisher, Allen Gabe, Nancy Redmon, Mary Jo Shepherd and Immediate Past President Pat Groenewold. 
Recognition of the service and achievements during this past Rotary year was also an important part of the program that evening.  (See photo album on this home page for more photos from the event.)

SCHAUMBURG, IL (May 15, 2020) – When faced with adversity, Rotarians from the ROTARY CLUB OF SCHAUMBURG-HOFFMAN ESTATES roll up their sleeves and get to work! 

Upon the onset of COVID-19 in our area, an Action Squad was formed in early March to identify the greatest needs in our community. And then the squad, along with club members, got to work. They increased funding and brought resources and need together to benefit the most vulnerable in our local area.

To address Kenneth Young Center’s need for 300 face masks, one Rotarian (Holly Fath of Schaumburg) reached out to a family member for help. Dorothy Opferman, a retired 92-year old seamstress and former Chicago area resident, was only too glad to help and immediately got her sewing machine cranked up. To date, Dorothy has donated 100 face masks to the Kenneth Young Center, a community partner of the Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates. 
Additionally, the HEC/POC [Higgins Education Center] leadership team has also stepped up and created 50 masks for the Kenneth Young Center.
But this Rotary club didn’t stop there. They also collected and donated numerous ice packs to fill an immediate KYC demand since Meals-On-Wheels are now left outside recipients’ homes. To facilitate KYC’s physician’s ability to work remotely with clients, the club approved funding for a new computer for this purpose. And to meet an increased demand for basic essentials and food at WINGS’ (Women in Need Growing Stronger) safe houses, the club allocated emergency funds and also organized a blanket/towel/ washcloth drive.
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