Protecting yourself on the Internet
Aug 16, 2022
Lori Baker, CIO for the Village of Northbrook
Protecting yourself on the Internet

Lori's presentation will focus cybersecurity tips for protecting your identity and your internet-connected devices.  She will discuss how one's "digital footprint" is likely very large these days thanks to smart phones, digital assistants, smart TV's, smart appliances and all the other internet-connected devices.  While these all bring great conveniences, they also make it easier for threat actors to find and attempt to exploit you.  She will discuss some tips and tricks to help you secure your footprint.

Lori has a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Northern Illinois University, and a Masters degree in Communications from Northwestern University.  She has worked in the IT field for over 30 years in a variety of industries including waste treatment, higher education, market research, consulting, retail, finance, robotics manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and most recently, municipal government. Lori’s held a variety of positions including Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Senior Consultant, IT Manager, Director, and most recently Chief Information Officer.

 Ever since her first programming class in the BASIC language in high school, Lori has had a curiosity and passion about technology. Lori’s an outdoors person and loves hiking, backpacking and camping – her favorite place in the US to travel is Alaska.