On March 12, 1965, the Rotary Club of Northbrook was chartered with 35 members. Charter Night was held on April 28, 1965 at the Illinois Beach Lodge in Zion. Charter members and their classifications as listed in the Charter Night program were:

Thomas B. Adams                       Land Acquisition

Ethan J. Allen                               Medical, Analysis Laboratories

Herbert Alpert                              Drug, Retailing

Harold J. Barth (Rev.)                 Religion, Protestantism

Edward C. Blomgren                    Senior Active

Alex A. Briber                              Underwriters Laboratories

Henry Bucher                              Senior Active

James R. Buys                             Auditing Service

Edward Carter                              Senior Active

Dr. Earl Colum                             Chiropractic

William R. Cortesi, III                 Groceries, Retailing

Lindsay Fairweather                    Advertising Services

James H. Gillette                          Hobby & Toy Retailing

Walter E. Glanville                        Insurance - Casualty

Lee R. Hamburg                            Civil Law Practice

Dr. Homer O. Harvey                   Education - Elementary

Thomas N. Hubbard                     School Supplies Manufacturing

Dr. Joseph J. Humenik                 Medicine - Dentistry

H. Warren Kafka                           Men's Clothing Retail

Bruff R. LeVan                              Real Estate Agency

Morton Mendelson                       Shoes Retailing

James Otis, Jr.                               Architecture

Dr. Erwin M. Patlak                      Medicine - Psychiatry

Raymond J. Ratajczak                   Paint & Glass, Retailing

Thomas Shedore                            General Repair Service

Robert Sickel                                 Water Softening Equipment Manufacturing

Dr. Herbert E. Smith                     Optometry

Dr. Irwin A. Smith                        Medicine - General Practice

Lawrence H. Smith                        Banking

Edward Tead                                 Photo, Equipment & Supplies, Retailing

Kenneth A. Thiel                          Young Men's Association

Maurice Thomas                           Machine Parts - Rotary Joint Manufacturing

Dr. Norman E. Watson                 Senior Active

John H. Williams                          Newspaper Publishing

Carl S. Wolf                                  Offset Printing



The new club, formed in Deerfield's 35th year and Rotary's 60th, met at Sportsman's Country Club on Tuesdays at 12:15 p.m. Within a month, the club attracted 10 additional members so that on Charter Night the club had 45 members.


Those additional members and their classifications as listed in the Charter Night program were:

Harold Bengston                                            Floor Covering

Chester F. Bloden                                           Additional Active, General Insurance

Wilbur R. Closterhouse (Rev.)                      Religious Education

James C. Giovinazzo                                       TV Sales & Service

George L. Hall                                                  Additional Active, Real Estate Agency               

Donald W. Hammer                                         Newspaper Advertising Service

Bernard Hanekamp                                          Funeral Director

Walter C. Lambert                                            Electric Light & Power

Joseph Pleckinger                                            Recreation, Playgrounds

Harold F. Swanson (Rev.)                              Religious, Evangelism