1990 - 1991            Edward J. Nadler

  • Began a benefit that would eventually become the Rotary car auction began simply with a raffle and a live and silent auction. The event was held at Northbrook Court.


1991 - 1992            Daniel Sideman

      71 members

  • The Northbrook Rotary Benefit Auction was held at Northbrook Court. The raffle first-prize was two Chicago-to-London round-trip airline tickets. The biggest winner that night was Richard Damisch's son Rich, whose blind date for the evening was his future wife, Sharon.


1992 - 1993            Sherwyn A. Katz

            70 members

§         First Rotary "600" Corvette Raffle held and over $17,000 was raised.

§         Jay Koh, sponsored by the club, was chosen a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.


1993 - 1994            Michael R. Rosoto

      69 members

§         Hosted the District Assembly.


1994 - 1995             Chadwick Raymond

65 members

§         Thirtieth Anniversary of the club was celebrated at lunch.

§         Galen Jarvis served as District Governor. During his year the Organ Donation Program was established in District 6440.

§         The planning for the Akha Women's Project in Thailand began. 


1995 - 1996            Richard N. Hochschild

64 members

§            District 6440 welcomed its first female leader when Mimi Altman was installed as District Governor.

§            First White Elephant Auction with proceeds to Northfield Food Pantry

§            Rotary "700" Corvette Raffle.


1996 - 1997            Judith M. Warchol

67 members

§            Northbrook Rotary Club welcomed its first female leader when Judy Warchol was installed as president of the Northbrook Rotary Club. Judy and Mimi Altman (PDG 1995-96 and Deerfield Rotary Club member) were profiled in North Shore Magazine.

§            Fifth annual benefit, Rotary "700" moved to Bredemann's Lexus of Glenview. Over $100,000 has been donated toward scholarships and international and community projects since the first benefit in 1992.

§            Initiated and sponsored the first Organ Donation Transplant Program in the District.

§            Placed recycling receptacles in Village Green Park.

§            Charitable Foundation received not-for-profit rates from the Post Office and a sales tax exemption from the State of Illinois.

§            First participation in Christmas in April project

§            Participated in our first District matching grant with the Long Grove Rotary Club and the Calcutta Mid City Club. The grant purchased 300 toilets for a rural area in India.

§            New Vocational Scholarships and the Dr. E. James Duffy Scholarship were established.

§            Approved funding for Akha Women's Project in Thailand

§            $35,900 distributed to 31 community health and human service organizations


1997 - 1998            Larry P. Kanar

68 members

§            The Tuesday weekly meeting place was moved to Mission Hills Country Club.

§            $20,100 distributed to 22 community health and human service organizations


1998 - 1999   Robert S. Friedman

67 members

§            First Tuesday of the month designated as Food Pantry Day. The Club collected hundreds of cans of food and over $3,000 for the Food Pantry the first year.

§            Participated in the Book Bin Giving Tree and Literacy Plus - Rotary Recycles Reading.

§            Participated for first time in the Youth Services "Silent Santa."

§            Seventh annual Rotary "700" moved to Steve Foley Cadillac. All Rotary "700" raffle tickets sold for first time.

§            New Northbrook Rotary Club Flag design.

§            $28,050 distributed to 25 community health and human service organizations.

§            Received District 6440 Outstanding Four Avenues of Service, International and Membership Growth awards at District Conference.

1999 - 2000            Arnold M. Kaplan

75 members

§         Thirty-fifth birthday gala held at Mission Hills.

  •    $31,250 distributed to 21 community health and human service organizations.
  •     Received District 6440 Polio Plus Partners award at District Conference.
  •    The McGraw Foundation donated its Rotary "700" grand prize winnings back to our club.