1980 - 1981            Bernard Hanekamp

§          Signed first contract with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The event became a yearly concert series.

1981 - 1982            Ralph J. Garofolo     

62 members

§         Previous concert was so successful that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was invited back again and played to a sold-out house.

§         Club sent the first students to Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (R.Y.L.A.)


1982 - 1983             Kenneth P. Hein

      63 members

  • Year started deep in the red, and at the end of the year the treasury was in the black.
  • Held the third benefit concert with Tex Beneke and his Orchestra.
  • The club hosted the District Assembly for incoming Governor Dick Budny.


1983 - 1984            Samuel C. Badger

64 members


1984 - 1985            Homer O. Harvey

66 members

§         Twentieth anniversary of the club was celebrated at a gala lunch for members and their spouses. They were treated to a huge birthday cake, reflections from charter members and entertainment by the Glenbrook North Jazz Band.

§         Benefit Concert - Steven Graff with Glenbrook District Orchestra and "Beginnings" Show Choir on February 24, 1985.

§         With representatives from area clubs in attendance, the Northbrook Rotary Club warmly welcomed RI President Carlos Canseco to a meeting at our club.


1985 - 1986            John J. Hunt

§         Ken Hein led a Group Study Exchange (GSE) team to the Netherlands

§         Two fund-raising projects raised $19,000 for the Irish Children's Fund, an organization dedicated to eradicating religious prejudice among Catholic and Protestant children in Ireland.


1986 - 1987            Galen M. Jarvis

  • The club held "The Northbrook Family Follies" as a fund-raiser to benefit youth activities.


1987 - 1988            James E. Duffy

67 members

§         John Hunt sponsored Sheryl McAuliffe as the first female member of the Northbrook 

      Rotary Club.

§         RI launched Polio Plus to raise money to wipe out polio. Each club was assessed an amount based upon membership. The assessment for the Northbrook Club was $33,000.

§         Benefit Concert - Steven Graff with Glenbrook District Orchestra and "Beginnings" Show Choir - February 28, 1988.


1988 - 1989            James L. Rohrabaugh

      69 members

  • Each member put $10 in the pot for a weekly lottery that was held as part of the Annual RI Fund Drive. The weekly winner got his $10 back.


1989 - 1990            Richard J. Damisch

      63 members

  • The main fund-raiser for the year was an Art Auction. In the end, the New York City Art Auction House took home most of the profits. This was the last art auction.