1970 - 1971            HaroldJ. Barth

1971 - 1972            Glenn G. Boyd

      52 members

§         An Art Auction was held at the YMCA.

§         As part of the weekly program a Rotarian was chosen on an impromptu basis at each meeting to

     give a 3-5 minute autobiographical sketch.


1972 - 1973             Kenneth A. Thiel

      60 members - 17 of which were Charter members

§         The club was presented a large trophy as the first winner of the District 644 Rotary Four-Way Test award.

§         Sale of triangle highway reflectors for a road safety campaign.

§         The Second Annual Art Auction raised a whopping $820.

§         Hosted a Group Study Exchange from Rotary District 326 in India.


1973 - 1974             Philip M. Kirsch

§         Student Guest Day began with a group of 16 GBN students. They attended in groups of three or four students at the same time and then conducted a meeting in May.

§         Norman Watson wrote a Rotary column that was published in the weekly "Northbrook Times" newspaper.

§         Grants for the year totaled $1,453.


1974 - 1975            Walter E. Glanville

§         10th Anniversary of club celebrated on March 11, 1975


            1975 - 1976            Robert F. Going

64 members

§         Bicentennial of America and Northbrook's 75th birthday.

§         Rotary began serving coffee at the first 4th of July "Pancakes in the Park" breakfast.

§         Club wins its fourth consecutive District Four-Way Test competition.


            1976 - 1977            Stanley M. Sherman

57 members

§         Location of the meeting changed to the Sheraton North Shore Hotel.

§         The community had the chance to "Meet the Northbrook Rotary Club," when Rotarians staffed a Northbrook Rotary Club booth at Northbrook Days.


1977 - 1978      Harry D. Tully

63 members

§         Sam Harris & Warren Norton helped start Interact Club at GBN with more than 100 members. Marc Sherman, son of Stan Sherman, was first Interact Club president.

§         Donated money to Northbrook Historical Society for painting of Northfield Inn, a local historical landmark renovated by community volunteers.

§         Shipped over seven and a half tons of used textbooks to the Bahamas



1978 - 1979             Ron Dahlquist

63 members

§         Co-hosted the District Conference with the Wheeling Club.


1979 - 1980             Ronald M. Christensen

64 members

Rotary International 75th Anniversary

Northbrook Rotary Club 15th Anniversary

§         When the year began, there were two Paul Harris Fellows in the entire club. When the year ended, there were 12.

§         Northbrook Charitable Foundation established as a separate corporation from the Northbrook Rotary Club.