Posted by Jim Dopler on Aug 02, 2017
Earlier this summer, the Village of Kildeer granted the Rotary Club of Long Grove,Kildeer and Hawthorn Woods a Commendation in recognition of their three year project to remove the noxious weed "teasel" from the intersection of Long Grove Road and Rand Road in Kildeer.  "Teasel" is a fast spreading weed, which grows up to six feet tall and one foot wide.  Every year the plant produces thousands of seeds which the wind can easily spread throughout an area.  The Commendation is in recognition of the outstanding volunteer spirit exhibited by the members of the Club on this multi-year project.    Previously, the Club had provided garden amenities to the Village of Kildeer which are still present at the Village Hall..  The project was spearheaded by founding Club member, George Dorner, of Kildeer, and Club member Sara Knight, also of Kildeer.  Long time Club sponsor, McGinty Bros Inc. Lawn & Tree Care, is assisting the group with the project.