November 7, 2019 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Stan Roelker, Brad Burke, Alan Nerad, Janice Kellman, Xander Horwitz
Guests: Suzi Schoenhoft - Buffalo Grove / Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce; Rosemary Heilemann - Buffalo Grove Club
Pledge of Allegiance: Janice Kellman
4-Way Test: Brad Burke

Thought for the Day: Rosemary Heilemann

Fun & Frolic: None

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks: 

Announcement:  Alan Nerad shared that next week (November 14, 2019) Francis Gary Powers Jr. will be the speaker at our weekly club meeting.  Alan encouraged all members to attend and bring a guest.

Alan Noted the Rotary Youth Club will be hosting Trivia Night on Friday, November 8, 2019 from  6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The cost is $5 per person.

Alan Nerad noted the Rotary Youth Assembly leadership event coming up. Alan noted there are 10 kids signed up to participate from Stevenson.  

Alan Nerad shared he would like to order t-shirts for Rotary Youth Club. He noted these t-shirts would be available to RYC kids for purchase to  wear at various events. He noted the t-shirts would have no date on them and could be worn for multiple years.

A discussion of SHS Choir coming to December 12, 2019 meeting followed. Brad is working with choir director to confirm SHS student attendance.  A discussion of making a donation to SHS Choir for charitable purposes followed.

Discussion of storage of the popcorn machine followed.  Alan Nerad noted the popcorn machine should be stored at the Village Hall.

Janice Kellman reminded everyone of the Thanksgiving Family and noted donations would be accepted through next week. 

Alan Nerad shared information on recent passing of Shirley Friedlander and potential giving opportunity for club.

Alan Nerad noted he attended Vic Fernitz funeral on Saturday.

Speaker: Suzi Schoenhoft - Buffalo Grove/Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce new Executive Director addressed the club. She noted she started in July. Ms. Schoenhoft noted she has a background in social services working with intellectual and developmental disability populations.

She noted the goals of the Chamber include working on change.  Recently changed fee structure and membership structure.  She noted the Chamber has found from member input they want visibility, education, and resources. 1,100 businesses in the two communities but only about 200 members. Only about 10% of membership in chamber Lincolnshire businesses.  Making a concerted effort to increase involvement of Lincolnshire businesses in the Chamber.  Enjoyed a number of community events. 

Ms. Schoenhoft indicated the Lincolnshire Rotary club's membership in Chamber has lapsed in recent years.

Alan Nerad shared information on Lincolnshire Rotary Club and Rotary Youth Club. 

Janice Kellman shared information on the Lake County Health Department's invitation to participate in learning about resurgence in childhood diseases related to lack of immunization. At a local level, would this be something that this club could consider as a project. Alan Nerad noted the political aspect of this issue.

Xander Horwitz shared a topic for club focus for next year may be on services to veterans. Xander noted Jim Dolan, former member, does a lot of work with veterans.  Xander hopes to find opportunities for next year to find a Lincolnshire Rotary Club type of event to support veterans.

Stan Roelker reported the club made $426 for popcorn sales at Boo Bash. 

Raffle: Two cards drawn and no winner. 

Adjournment: 8:30 a.m.