Steve Risley of the Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Club organized this year’s “Rotary Reads.”  With Steve, were thirteen volunteers from the club, including four family members, plus fourteen volunteers from the Libertyville High School, Rotary sponsored, INTERACT Club. The philosophy behind the “Rotary Reads” program is to encourage reading at the very early elementary levels by the participation of members of the public.

   Libertyville Sunrise Rotary supplied each reader with a bag of books as a gift to each classroom.  After delivering the books, each “reader” was there to not only read to the students but to also ask questions about how reading is emphasized in the class room.  After each story time, the students were given an opportunity to ask the reader questions.The high school INTERACT Club’s participation has been a fantastic part of the program, and the  high school students enjoyed it so much most have already volunteered for next year’s program. 

In all, Adler, Butterfield, Copeland, Rockland, and Oak Grove Schools received 250 books through this year’s event.  Chair of the event, Risley remarked “The success of this reading program shows what a wonderful type of citizenry we have in Lake County, which allows such a great interaction between people of all ages.”   The program has been a great success and will be expanding into Waukegan schools this November with two schools involved initially, and 500 books donated.

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Rotarian Ron Lapins and his daughter, Jessica, have Ms. Zilch’s third grade class at Butterfield School involved in a funny story.  


Libertyville High School INTERACT Club students Julia Curry (L) and Elizabeth Woo (R), read to Rockland School students.


Jane Risley reads to Rockland School students.