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1st and 3rd Thursdays at Noon
O'Toole's of Libertyville, 412 N. Milwaukee Ave. Libertyville, IL 60048
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The Libertyville Noon Rotary Club has decided to disband as of June 30, 2018. This decision is not one that has been taken lightly and has been under consideration for several years. This was a unanimous decision by all remaining 7 of our Rotary members.  
We all feel a strong sense of pride in the many contributions that Rotary has made globally and locally during its long and stellar existence. In our over 60 year history, our club has also made many contributions to our community and served to charter the Libertyville Sunrise Club.   We have voted to send $5,000 to support the work of the Rotary International Foundation.  The remaining funds have been distributed to key organizations within our community.
Thank you to all members, past and present, for all of their work and efforts over the last 60 years! Thank you to Friends of our Rotary Club, Family Members, District 6440 and Rotary International for their support.  
We will not be meeting formally any longer as we work to bring our Club to a close on June 30, 2018.  
We had a great Community Donation Luncheon on January 18 where we gave away donations to 10 different community organizations. We were so fortunate to have 9 out of the 10 organizations in attendance that day and we were able to learn more about each organization's mission!  Thanks to everyone for attending and special thanks to Jenny W and Kim for all of their help in making it a great luncheon!!
Hank Borden announced at our last meeting on December 21 that he was officially "retiring" from Rotary and becoming an Honorary Member.  We thank Hank for his 55+ years of service to Rotary and we will miss seeing you at our meetings!  
Many thanks to our speaker Mike Zanillo from Citizens' Climate Lobby for his informative presentation.
Congrats to Kim Borden and Jenny Plohr who were installed as Rotary Co-Presidents on June 15 for Rotary Year 2017-18!
Thanks to Carol Wells, End Polio Now Chair District 6440, for her informative presentation.
Many thanks again to Al Swan, Jenny W and the kids and staff at Rondout School for their work on our Little Free Libraries. They were presented to North Chicago Community Partners who also gave us an overview of their services.
Thanks to our Speaker, Philip Zaleski, from the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance for him informative presentation on February 16.  For more information, visit 
Congratulations to our newest Rotarians, Janet H. and Corporate Member, Lake County Haven, represented by Kate C. They were installed by our District Governor Rick Rivkin last week to our Club. Welcome to Rotary!!! 
Many thanks to Kim B and Janet H for working Pumpkin Fest Saturday, 10/15 along with members of the Sunrise Club.  It was a great turnout!! 
Thanks to all the Rotarians from the Libertyville Noon, Mundelein-Vernon Hills and North Chicago Rotary Clubs, their friends and family and the LHS Interact Students who packed meals on Thursday, October 6. Our entire session packed 21,816 meals to feed 59 children for a year!! See all the pictures here.
Many thanks to our Speaker, Jan Kraft, for her informative talk on Green Burials.  
Thanks again to our speaker, Kate Ceithaml, from the Lake County Haven for her update of the Haven services and events!  
Great job to Al S., Jenny W., and staff/students at Rondout school for creating such beautiful Little Free Libraries!! Here is one pictured below. We are still discussing possible locations. 
Many thanks to our Speaker from July 28, Erin Marcus, from Resolving Fears About the Future of Aging Parents!
Many thanks to our Speaker from July 21, Jeff Degner, from Healing the Children! 
A great time was had by all at our Rotary Installation Luncheon at O'Toole's of Libertyville on June 23.  Congratulations to our President Jenny W., Co-Presidents-Elect, Kim B and Jenny P, Directors, Mike H., Al S. and Sandy S. for being installed for Rotary Year 2016-17.  See all the pics from our special luncheon in our photo album.
Many thanks to our speaker on June 9, Lora Georgieva, from Destination College.  
Many thanks to our speaker and guests, Kim, Sheila and Heidi with Oasis for Orphans for their informative presentation!
There was a good crowd at the GLMV Expo at the Libertyville High School Field House on Saturday 4/23.  John, Kim and Jenny W spoke with many attendees!! 
Thanks to the 28 volunteers from Libertyville Noon, North Chicago and Mundelein-Vernon Hills Rotary Clubs, their Friends and Family and the 7 Interact students from LHS, who with other attendees packed 16,848 meals!! A job well done!! Here are a few photos. Check out the rest in our photo album.
Thank you to our speakers, Andrea Rhodes and Sara Page from the Lake County Forest Preserves for their informative talk on employment opportunities with the Lake County Forest Preserves! 
Mary Covington from the Carrolton, GA Noon Club visited our Club last week.  Kim exchanged one of our club's flags with her to take back to her club in Georgia!
Many thanks to all who attended our Holiday Luncheon where we gave out donations to 8 organizations present!! Such a wonderful lunch and a chance to get to speak with some great organizations!
A big thank you to Jenny W, John S, Mike H, Kim B, Jenny P, Rob P, Harry P, AG Kevin and his kids, Victoria and Christian for helping with the Community Meal. Jenny W helped prep on Friday evening and everyone else helped serve and clean up on Saturday morning during lots of snow!
So great working with member of the St. Lawrence Church and working with our fellow Rotarians. Such a great service opportunity! Here are some pics below, but be sure to check out the full album on our website.
Kim and Jenny P had a great time working Pumpkin Fest with members of the Libertyville Sunrise Club.  Great weather and a great turnout for a great cause! 
Many thanks to our Speaker, Kate Ceitham, for her informative presentation on the Lake County Haven. 
Thanks again to our great speaker last week Robert Beezat for his presentation, "Knowing and Loving: The Keys to Real Happiness - At the Core of "Service Above Self" and the "The Four Way Test."
Many thanks to Kim Borden, Rob Plohr (Jenny's husband), Tom Plohr (Jenny's father-in-law) and Jin Park, (an employee of Sandy Sun's) who all volunteered last week on behalf of our Libertyville Noon Rotary Club for the BMW Championship. Kim worked last Wednesday and Rob, Tom and Jin worked last Saturday.  Ask Kim about her Bill Murray story if you haven't heard it already.  Here are some pics below. My husband and father-in-law are in the white baseball caps. Jin is standing in between them in the dark blue shirt.  Kim is in the bottom pic in the middle. The pic credit goes to AG Kevin Stevens from the North Chicago Rotary Club and were found on their Facebook page. 
 A big THANK YOU!! to all of those who helped at our recycling event on Saturday including: Jenny W., Kim, Jenny P., Bob M., John and Marg Snow, Diane, Kim's friend Pete, Rob Gadek and his two sons from Boy Scout Troop 194 from Oak Grove/Rondout, Elizabeth, Gabi and Grace from LHS Interact Club, Jenny Plohr's niece, Keira, AG Kevin Stevens and his two kids and Rob and Harry Plohr.  Also a big thank you to Jenny W and Rondout school for the use of their facility and to Totto and Sunset Foods for the donation of the yummy cookies (they were really good)!!!  Thank you to Merleanne and Walter (he was our speaker during the week) from SWALCO for their efforts and coordination as well.  Also thanks to Phil D. for dropping off our first large donation of the day!!  We had a successful event and collected about 200 pairs of shoes, numerous cell phones and eyeglasses.  A SWALCO vendor was going to pick up the shoes earlier this week from the school and Rob Plohr dropped off all the eyeglasses and phones to our SWALCO contact yesterday.   
Many thanks again to all who made this event a success!!
Here are some pictures below.
Many thanks to our Speaker, Patrick Conn, for his informative presentation on Lake Minear and the efforts to sustain it. 
Many thanks to both PDG Mike Yesner and AG Kevin Stevens who both spoke at last week's meeting.  Mike spoke about membership and the most important part of his talk was the following:
 Membership Chair
 Membership Committee
 President-Elect
 Your Club’s New(est) Member
Thanks to our speaker, Harvey Mysel, from Living Kidney Donors Network for his informative presentation.

Many thanks to our speaker from Lambs Farm, Dianne Yaconetti, who spoke about Lambs Farm Today!




We had lovely visitors from the Hampton Rotary Club at our July 23rd meeting.  Pictured here is our flag exchange.



My objectives for the upcoming year are very simple … ‘SMILE’… S – M – I – L – E,

The ‘S’ in SMILE represents SERVICE, both within our local community, our nation as well as across the globe.  As we all know “Service Above Self” is the basic tenet of Rotary.  Our service goals for this upcoming year are many … we have several continuing service projects, such as

  • Our monthly collection of Paper Products for The Haven, a women’s shelter in Libertyville
  • Our annual contribution of providing pumpkins and handing them out to children at the Libertyville Pumpkin Fest held annually in October, and
  • ROMP – which is our Range of Motion Project in Guatemala where we help collect, disassemble, and distribute prosthetic limbs so that they can be refurbished and utilized by countries in need, specifically in Guatemala.

We also have several new service projects planned for this coming year including

  • A Literacy Project including the initiation of an Annual Book Drive in our community
  • Our Rotary District 6440 Health Rays Guatemala which brings digital x-ray technology to people in Guatemala, one of the poorest countries in Central America, and
  • A combined Fall Recycling Project, Winter Save Energy Program and Spring Earth Day Projects & Programs.  We hope that our LHS Interact group will be able to assist us in these new environmentally conscious activities.

The ‘M’ in SMILE represents MEMBERSHIP because we continually need new members to help our club grow in order to have the manpower necessary to implement & provide these philanthropic services and programs. Thus improving the lives of many people.

The ‘I’ in SMILE represents INSPIRATION as each and every one of us needs to be inspired to help motivate ourselves. This is turn will allow all of us to improve so that we can be a better person in all the roles we play,  be it a husband a wife, a father a mother, a son a daughter, a sister a brother, a friend  a companion, and of course, a Rotarian.

The ‘L’ in SMILE represents LIVELINESS both at our weekly meetings and during our Club events.  With interesting and informative Speakers throughout the year, we hope to bring more exposure of our Club’s activities to the community of Libertyville.

The ‘E’ in SMILE represents ENGAGEMENT, that is, we need to involve every member of our club in as many service projects, fundraisers and social events as possible.  We collectively make up the Libertyville Rotary Club. Therefore, we need to work together, have fun together and enjoy our time together.  This is why we all became members of Rotary.

With that being said, I wish to express that it is an honor and a privilege to be your Rotary Club President for 2015-16.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you and being able to SMILE continually throughout this coming year.  I also wish to extend my sincere appreciation to you all for placing your confidence in me in order to help guide and direct us all so that we can have a GREAT year together in ROTARY.

In closing, please remember, as our new RI President, Ravi Ravindran, has proclaimed as our theme this year … “Be A Gift to the World” in whatever way you can!   Thank you.


We had a visiting Rotarian from Pompano Beach, Florida, Bill Zubius and his brother Tom who lives in the area. Bill was lucky enough to not only get one of our older flags, but to receive one of our newer ones hot off the presses!



Many thanks to our speaker, Alan Vaysberg, for his informative presentation on the SEAMLESS process and other information!


Thanks to our speaker, Mark Perlman, for his presentation on Property Taxes in Lake County. 



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