International Service Projects of the Rotary Club of Evanston
As part of a global network of 35,000 Rotary clubs, the Rotary Club of Evanston has actively participated in International Service. The club's International Committee reviews various proposals for assistance and coordinates projects with global partners. 
In recent years, the Rotary Club of Evanston has supported projects in all six of Rotary’s Areas of Focus:
  • Promoting Peace: Local work in Evanston and completed a first Peace Fest in Sept 2016.
  • Fighting Disease: Malaria prevention by distributing treated mosquito nets in Uganda, and actively participating in our District 6440 project since 2008 providing Digital X-ray equipment in Guatemala. We are helping the District achieve its goal of installing a total of 29 X-ray units throughout Guatemala.

  • Providing Clean Water: Built 17 water wells in Uganda, and in Kenya taught the women to make soap, sell it at the market, and develop a fund for clean water in their villages.

  • Serving Mothers and Children: Uganda and Kenya, and Disaster Relief providing Shelter Boxes in Haiti, Myanmar and Pakistan.
  • Supporting Education: Several members traveled to Ak’ Tenamit School in rural Guatemala, accessed by boat only, and developed a computer lab, built desks, etc.
  • Growing Local Economies: In Kenya, we developed projects with women in 11 villages to teach them how to sell soap, sell in the marketplace and utilize half the funds for a water fund and half the funds to increase their money for their family. Most live on the equivalent of $2.00 per day.

We also purchased mosquito nets, blankets and a water tank for clean water for a school in rural Uganda.
International Service District Grants and Global Grants Completed
  • Provided diagnostic imaging radiology equipment in Guatemala City through the Guatemala HealthRays project. The Rotary Club of Evanston’s involvement started in 2008 with a donation of $2,500 in partnership with the Rotary Club of Park Ridge. Our club donated $1,000 to District 6440 for x-ray unit #2 and $3,000 (from a member donor specifically for the Guatemala project) with the match, for a total of $10,500 for x-ray unit #4.
  • Built seven water wells in remote villages with the Rotary Club of Mubende, Uganda ($12,375) and in 2015 built 10 additional water wells in 10 remote villages in three sub-counties of Kitenga, Bagezza and Kigando. The Rotary Club of Mubende has confirmed that the original seven wells are still working and they’ve distributed 1,700 mosquito nets for a total of $33,000. We had several projects, with each project providing lifesaving nets affecting a fairly large population. 
  • Provided disaster relief (three Shelter Boxes $1,000 each) in Myanmar, Pakistan and Haiti.
  • An international District Grant was approved for $5,000 for a Soap for Water project in Kenya and another $6,500 from our Charitable Fund for Soap for Water II in six additional villages.