The students in the Grove Junior High School Rotary Club were busy during the year doing great things for others.  In the Fall, they devoted some of their lunch periods collecting money from fellow students in order to buy polio shots for many.  Besides collecting at lunchtime, they created posters and set up a table in the school entryway in order to collect donations from parents and teachers during conference days.   In December, working alongside adults at the Packages for Patriots was a wonderful way to provide care packages for those who give their service to others in this country.  Making blankets for foster children using fleece was most likely the students' favorite activity. For many hours one could find them with scissors in hand pinning and cutting out  fleece and then tying the ends together resulting in brightly colored and beautiful blankets.  These blankets will be delivered to a representative of Aunt Martha's who will give the carefully hand-crafted treasures to children who will benefit from the loving work of our students.  The above was sent to us from the school sponsors Debbie Friel  and Lori Putz who are two incredible teachers that volunteer to help organize the interact.