Posted by Joe Trexler
Today's program was presented by our guest speaker, Vitaliy Bedrodnov of Rotary Children's Fund. Founded in 2003, RCF is part of a larger organization (Golden Gates) which is an International Culture Exchange program for young artists and musicians. The program recruits students from public schools and public art centers throughout the United States and Internationally, and offers them the ability to share their talents to audiences worldwide. In addition to traveling and sharing their talents and skills, students that are selected to participate are given the rare opportunity to be cultural ambassadors of their country and to learn more about the people of the countries they visit. As stated by Vitaliy, "The program has been building bridges across cultures through music and dance for more than a decade." The Golden Gates Project has been primarily self-sustaining along with funds provided through RCF. To learn more about this program and their tour schedule, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at